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  1. I think your missing his point though, the letting agent should still be telling him what to do, they are the professionals .... they should supply the law and the advice to go with it ... its an all round service and yes they would never have seen this coming nor prevented it but its still up to them to do the "leg work" and help get it sorted. I am a landlord and a letting agent and i would never treat a client like that.
  2. Save all text messages and voicemails and if possible, communicate by e-mail so its in writing!!
  3. First of all get a 2nd opinion in the repairs ... ring the manufacturers direct as they have specialised contractors and i've had cases where it is easily diasgnosed as something different just because that certain plumber hasn't worked on that make before (hope that makes sense?) After that, depending on what he says, speak to the tenants direct and be truthfull and say that you would like a contribution if not all the money for the repair .... ask the plumber in question to do a report of whats happened and why to back your story up. If it is mega bucks to fix it then you can always get the small claims court involved if they dont play ball. Just a mention of this may make them pay. If the plumber does do the report then you have evidence that you can use the deposit held to help with the cost of this, if the tenants do move out or are given notice. Ideally you dont want an empty property so they being calm with them and talk normally, face to face if possible. These things do happen but not to this extent .... the agent is in the wrong and personally i would leave them at the earliest opportunity. Keep us informed.
  4. The Agent takes the deposit so they should deposit it under your ID no as they have had the Prescribed Info signed and witnessed if they did it right. When an agent logs in, they have the choice to add it under someone else ID No. Ring the DPS direct, they are a great help on the phone
  5. I have used Money Claim Online a few times and its worked on half the occasions ..... it does cost you but you can add that to the claim for the other side to pay. Ring a company called Legal for Landlords as well, they may be able to help you further.
  6. Personally i think storage heaters for flats are perfect, Wickes do some energy efficient ones and an electrician should charge around £50.00 to fit depending on the electrical sources available.
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