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  1. Despite the desire to show the tenant around it does rely on the goodwill of sitting tenant. Wait and then show around............I don't like it but sometimes its all you can do.
  2. Taxi drivers have to work ......thereby they have to be registered at an address for local licensing council is a good way of finding him.
  3. Think he is trying to catch your number of posts Simon. No other reason I can think of for "Spot on" "Keep us updated"
  4. odecar


    If people sell then there needs to be a buyer and buyers will look at the potential return. Idea that as HB tenants are bad has as much credence as the idea that all Landlords are bloodsucking scum. Both will be through in certain situation but in general the majority of HB tenants are good as are the majority of landlords.
  5. At this point in time there is no distinction between Private owners and BTL owners in the payment of Stamp Duty. Buying anywhere makes no difference as you don't get charged SD on the property if its under SD thresholds. This will probably change in the future but currently you are ok.
  6. Think Capital Gains won't apply as you are trading i.e.buying to sell.
  7. Taking a reasonable and sensible approach probably is best long term as what goes around tends to come around.
  8. Whats its worth is irrelevant its what someone will pay, given MX have added .6% to their rates today so your property is worth even less to an investor than 2 weeks ago. An estate agent valuing a place is a guide price only especially as you can walk into EA's and offer way below asking price and get properties easily, nationally was 7% less than asking price last summer, now 10-15 easily. Get the rent up but even at £600 a month rent its worth just over £110k. Max would look at a prop would be 190 times rent but at the moment wouldn't even come close to that as lots props available.
  9. You do whatever you like but legally why wouldn't you use one ? As for Deposit - get them to pay rent for 3 months in advance. Maybe not worth the hassle of a deposit.
  10. You provide electrical appliances like kettles then you responsible for having them checked every year.
  11. You still a live in landlord, just don't sleep there all the time.
  12. £90k - based on rent max value would be £95k.
  13. Nope You are only allowed set off the value of loans against a property to the value of that property once you let it for the first time. Therefore any interest payable on remortgaging over this is not allowable against tax.
  14. If you have keys to the premises then go and change the locks. If they want to sue then counter sue for loss of rent in small claims court. Keep the locks you take out as may be able to use in another property.
  15. WTF !!! So you think that because someone has a baby it will get you a breach of contract !!! Go to court on this as really want to read the Daily Mail Headline, should be a scream. Think you should sell your property as haven't a clue about being a landlord with ideas like this.
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