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  1. I hope someone may be able to help. Can I submit an EX324 if I only have the last known address and not current address? Will an EX324 form mean that the Council and/or my ex-tenants parents HAVE to divulge the new address and earnings to me/court? Here's the story... I evicted a tenant of my sole investment property in May, obtaining an Order for Possession from my County Court and the court also ordered the tenant to pay the outstanding rent arrears. I have followed everything as 'down the line' as possible and gone through the respected and legal routes of reclaiming what I am owed. After securing the return of the deposit from the DPS and also some Housing Benefit money direct from the HBA (who were quite helpful in assisting whilst the tenant was in my property), I am still owed money. Unfortunately, I only have the last known address for the tenant as the parents address. Previous attempts to ask for a forwarding address have been denied. Has anyone got any suggestions please?? Thanks
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