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  1. Hi,thanks for the information.Things have moved rapidly today,its all been abit of ablur.Bottom line is i got the money back and it is now with the new LA.
  2. Help.I am owed first months rent that i know has been paid to the agent,4 weeks earlier.I have had all the excuses but no money so i am changing to another LA. I have been informed from the new LA that no deposit has been paid to the DPS although the new tennants have paid the funds to the old LA.It has also come to light that the tennants that have just left the property have not recieved their deposit back yet after an agreement was reached for a deduction for the bad state of the garden,their deposit money had been taken at the start of their tennance by the LA ,and i had been charged by the LA for it to be deposited with a scheme,DPS i think,but it appeares that the money was never deposited by the LA.I have another tennent in asecond property that was let though the same LA, i fear their deposit has not been deposited although again i have been charged for it.Where do i stand,am i liable, what do i do??
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