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  1. Thanks, yes the partner was well and truly DUMPED. I did try to find out if the partner was a joint tenant, the LA didn't answer one way or the other, i have also tried to get copies of the agreements with out sucess. The then LA informed us they they were going to evict the partner through section 21, or is it 28, through the courts, i cant remember the right number, But this never took place either, i have to say, we dismissed the LA, and went to a dfferent LA.
  2. My agreement with the LA, was a min of 1 year, but because i was having so much trouble with them i sent them an email, telling them i was giving instant notice i did not want to use their services anymore, i had already made other arrangements with a different LA, i made the tenants aware of the situation The original LA never contested their dismissal. Hope that helps.
  3. Cheers Mel, I was wondering if it was legal, I never received any paperwork from my LA, in respect of this, mind you never reeived any copies of tenancy agreements from the LA,though there is a proper term for it, my mate told me the other day, just can't remember it. I should do, as i spent the last ten years working in social housing. Ade
  4. I am just about to send a final complaints letter to my former letting agent, though i know i wont even get a reply to it, well i doubt it. I think i have a good case, for a complaint and or compensation, but who knows, I personally think my former LA has failed us on so many counts through neglect and deceit, to long winded to go into here, but the letter runs into 7 pages. I am thinking of asking trading standards to look into it. But i will be forwarding my complaint onto the Ombudsmen, if i get no joy from the LA concerned.
  5. Hi, sorry i'm a newbie to this forum, so please bear with me. Could someone tell me what is the correct name/term for. When a tenant moves into a rented property with his partner, and then leaves her in the property,mid way through the tenancy the partner is not on the tenancy agreement, and she is what you would call an ex-partner of the tenant. is it legal to allow her to stay in the rented accomodation? Without taking out a new tenancy agreement. this has happened to me, my agent has not requested me to sign an paperwork what so ever.
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