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  1. Thanks Morticia, It states in the agreement that I am the landlord and the rent is payable to me. Regards Dougal
  2. I did receive the rent thanks but the Agent has now definitely gone bust I have put another question on if you can help.
  3. My Letting Agent has gone bust, I have a copy of the original Tenancy Agreement, can anyone tell me if it is still valid or will I need to enter into a new contract with my tenant?
  4. I should have said thanks for your reply Sorry
  5. We have been with them for 2 years and no they haven't been spot on but as we live in Spain we have put up with it. Yes they are members.
  6. My letting agent has not paid me the rent due for this month. I am quite sure the tenant has paid them. They are not answering the phone and it is rumoured that they have gone bust. Any advice please
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