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    Apologies, I ment to say that I am moving house and renting the old one. Thanks I am also worried how the lender will react if I decide to rent the house out, on the basis that it is currently a residential mortgage. As it stands I have a couple of years left on the fixed term and do not want to re-mortgage until it expires (given that its at a competitive rate). It would be really useful if anyone has experienced this type of thing before and any insight into how lenders view/treat this type of scenario? Cheeks
  2. Hello I have just sold my house but want to retain it and rent out the rooms. Obviously, it currently has buildings insurance. However, I am unsure whether I need a different type of Public Liability cover, on the basis that 3rd parties will be in the property? I am assuming that I need to amend the policy, especially if I want rental/legal cover etc, however, I was not sure if the Public Liability cover would need to be changed as well? Any views on this would be appreciated. C
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