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  1. HI MARK, thanks for your comments and your right ultimatly the tennant i feel is responsible for tamering and breaking the boiler,and as such should be held accountable and made to pay i still feel the letting agent is there to manage my property along with fixtures and fittings sure the L.A. could not forsee the tennant doing what he has done but as you also said "the letting agents role is to advise and act" so far i dont see too much of that happening i thought the idea of someone managing is to advise me of my obligations,rights and to look after my investment so i dont get into trouble they should know the law and know how to proceed not wait for me to tell them what they should be doing but to advise me of the next correct step and making that step on my behalf. if the letting agent cant do this then there only there to pass on the rent and take there cut easy money as always i welcome other peoples points of view and thank you for your comments and advise, maybe i am a little harsh on letting agents as i have had some poor experiences in the past
  2. thankyou both for your comments. firstly i dont yet know why the boiler was losing pressure and maybe 1-2 a year you need to check the pressure and top up if necesary however the loop was left in the on position keeping the boiler pressure at 3.5 bar blowing the seals in the boiler the pressure relief valve was in constant use and has now also got a fault ,(this is what the engineer has told me) i take on board maybe a seconed opinon is required and will arange for this to happen.The boiler is serviced yearly as per requirement and no problems have been reported.the boiler is about 6 years old .i dont believe there was any direct instruction not to tamper with the boiler but i feel it should be obvious that only a qualified person should be taking the front cover off for instance which so my engineer informs me is the only way the lad should have got an electric shock .I have made my feeling clear to the letting agent and have sugested they talk to the engineer then talk to me again to discuss our next move .So far no progress has been made but i would have hoped for a better response from my letting agent who we pay for a full management service once again thankyou for your advice
  3. i have a gas combi boiler in my rented house.Our letting agent rang me the other day to tell me the boiler has broken and the 16 year old lad that lives there with his mum got an electric shock off the boiler,she went on to tell me that the boiler had been lossing presure and they were somehow filling the boiler with water. we sent an engineer round who has told me that the boiler has lots of problems mainly due to the tennants leaving the presure loop on and blowing various seals and valves he knew nothing about the electric shock part but has told me the only way this could have happened is if they removed the cover off the boiler and they really shouldnt be tampering with it. he has told me the boiler needs to go back to the makers as it needs too many parts and is not cost effective for him to fix so its going to be costly for either a repair or new boiler my agent has indicated these things happen and it is up to me to put right,i however disagree because if the tennant hadnt tampered with the boiler then it wouldnt of happened, my choices are now to serve notice to the tennants leaving me with a costly boiler to replace and no tennant foot the bill and do nothing, try to get the money for the boiler off the tennant (not likely i think) go after the agent for not helping with this after all they are supossed to be managing the property.i have suggested the agent talks to the engineer then advises me on my next step but i would like some input off you guys if you know where i stand legaly as i think my agent is not going to come through for me and i want to one step ahead if possible and know my rights before the agent gets back in touch,any help and advise would be apreciated thanks
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