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  1. the locksmith that attended yesterday and my brother-in-law both called me just at the end of this but I saw the ducting etc and my house is in a similar state. I can't see anything about cannabis farms in my insurance - so frustrating!
  2. Hi all, I've been renting out houses for about 6 years but have yesterday been made a mug by some vietnemese/chinese tennants! They paid up 2 months rent on one of my nice end terrace properties, provided a copy of passport and payslips for ID on 9th Feb, I last visited the property on 22nd Feb - all seemed normal they were putting on an act as they were a family, they had a 2 year old girl and 6 week old baby boy. Yesterday I got a call from derbyshire police as they got a warrant and broke into the property to find cannabis farms growing in 2 of the bedrooms, ducting etc installed and loads of holes in the ceiling! Bathroom's a mess! may clean up - not sure. Most of my furniture is wrecked in the cellar. The only reason the police were alerted was because the muppets drilled ducting into the neighbours house instead of the the 3rd bedroom! the neighbour then called police. The house is a mess - most of the damage is cosmetic, needs a new UPVC door panel (where police rammed it), needs a few new internal doors, not sure of damage in loft - probably a skip load of rubbish/soil to clear - but I might try and get hold of local alotment owners to get rid of that. Tenants had changed locks so I had a locksmith out yesterday to put new ones in at a cost of £85. My question is has this happened to any of you and have you been successful in an insurance claim? I'm insured with Rentguard, underwritten by AXA. Appreciate any replies, thanks.
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