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  1. I can never understand why the Scottish people are so determined to leave the United Kingdom but this is not the forum to discuss this really is it. The Scottish population is approximately 4 million and with that fact alone they cannot support their services they enjoy now without the financial taxation help of the UK as a whole. The one thing I am aware of that 9,000 jobs which, surely, must be very valuable to the Scottish economy and the local economy and they will be lost at Faslane submarine base because Nicola Sturgeon is totally committed to the removal of this UK military base from Scotland. It is or was in their manifesto. There are plans for the UK submarine base to move to the Eastern United States submarine base as a very easy option and those move plans have been agreed already.
  2. I would also say that for me property capital growth has been very good since 2008. Certainly exceeds any other investments I may have. Labour election victory is looking a bit remote I have to say as the UK has never wanted to be ruled by those with a communist leaning as displayed by Comrade Corbyn and Commissar Mcdonald and the Momentum organisation. Mind you the Tories have not exactly been landlord friendly either over the past 8 years.
  3. I see it as a positive move BUT only if the price paid is reasonable and you have a cushion against the small price drop which is happening right now.........but will recover. I bought 2 properties in the past year (the flat you know about Grampa ūüėČ ) I sold the flat back in June because after fully renovating it and a lot of hard work I accepted an offer I just could not refuse. I also bought a modern 2 bed semi and that was renovated by me and is currently let out. Probably paid slightly too much for that property but the location was 1st class and if you have the money then my policy is just do it but in a business like fashion. Interest rates remain low and % returns on cash held is not good and this will remain so imo for a long time yet.
  4. I wouldn't go for a 3 year contract. Far too long imo. 12 months max. and then a rolling contract. Both tenant and landlord should be happy with that arrangement. If you can give a reasonable assurance that you as the landlord are very unlikely to be selling up in the near future that should satisfy any tenant looking for a long term let.
  5. I have been with many insurance companies over the 30 years I have been in the rental property business. I too decided to tighten up on my landlord insurance a couple of years back and after a lot of research I went with Direct Line Landlords insurance as it offered everything I was looking for at an acceptable and reasonable price. It's worth a look at but like all insurances cheapest is not always bestest especially what you can buy from the online companies like Compare the Market etc.. A Guarantor is essential these days imo. Preferably a property home owning one.
  6. Melboy


    Same for my area........£45/£55 for an EPC and probably a bit cheaper if multiple properties are going to be done at the same booking. I paid £45 for a flat earlier this year. Don't forget new EPC regulations come into force in 2020 On 1st April 2020, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rules that came into force in April 2018 will expand to include all tenancies, including ongoing ones.That means that if you have a property with an EPC rating of F or G, then you only have six months left to make improvements and get your property re-assessed with a score of E or above.The improvements required could be considerable, and we expect tradespeople to be very busy near the deadline. So we’d recommend booking the work as soon as possible if this applies to you.
  7. I think you have answered your own question with a personal recommendation from your friend.
  8. Not bad for a self confessed Communist leaning politician who wants to rule the Peasants with his communist doctrine. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7423415/Shadow-Chancellor-John-McDonnells-idyllic-riverside-SECOND-HOME-Norfolk-Broads.html I have to admit I still struggle coming to terms how anyone can vote for these people and I say that coming from an ordinary post WW2 fairly poor working class background.
  9. Comrade McDonnell has a proven history of failure in office going back to the days when he served on the Greater London Council. I doubt very much the UK voter will want to live under Commissar Corbyn & McDonnell government in spite of what you see with the baying rent-a-mob outside No 10 demanding Corbyn becomes the new Prime Minister. Sleep easy tonight with the thoughts that ALL politicians lie when in office.
  10. James.........No, you can't do what you are suggesting. A phone call to HMRC/Solicitor acting for your sale will confirm this. Don't forget also that your solicitor is required by law to submit your property sale to HMRC within 30 days of the sale where it is recorded by HMRC. In the last 10 years HMRC have really tightened up on the recording of property sales and cross referencing these sales for tax collection.
  11. Great news. Now you have to get them to cough up the money for you and I am in no doubt they will be reluctant to do this. High Court Sheriff's will probably be your best course of action rather than Court Bailiffs. Come back and let us all know how you get on with this please.
  12. I have one of those coded push button key safes attached to the wall with the spare front door key inside fitted to two of my properties. They have been used twice in around 10 years for tenants with lost keys. All my properties are only 5 minutes drive away anyway so it's not really a problem for me. Water isolating handles are painted white and are shown to the tenant where to switch off in an emergency but where I could do this I fitted the later design lever valves with the red handles. I repeat the location exercise when I carry out 6 monthly property checks. My Son ( Plumber and Heating engineer) and Daughter take over when I am away on holiday and I inform all my tenants of this and provide contact numbers. Fortunately I have never had a problem when away. Be prepared is the key to minimise future mishaps.
  13. Reading the above and thinking about it I cannot recall ever changing the locks after a tenant leaves.
  14. What an absolute mess for you COR. With your experiences it just goes to show why any leasehold property these days is just not worth the hassle of it all if a new leaseholder can do what Comptons are doing to you..
  15. Why are Comptons taking you to court again?
  16. Without exception I always take a photo of new meter readings. New tenant's sign for the meter reading on the day they move in and I always inform the energy supplier of the new bill payer. Reverse is done when they move out. No chance of errors if I am in control of events.
  17. I'm with Direct line for my rentals and my own property. I have no complaints at all. I like their terms of insurance on what is covered for my rental property. Are they the best? Don't know as yet because you always hope you never have to actually make a claim but Direct Line as with all insurance policies work on the strict rule going back 300 years that if you pay your insurance premium and your claim is genuine then any claim must be honoured.
  18. Having just sold a property I closed the account with SSE easily on-line and eventually paid the invoice sent to me. I didn't encounter any problems. I also take dated photo's of the meter readings.
  19. The purchase should always be "subject to contract" right up until exchange of contracts and the reason for this is due to unforeseen problems that may arise during the buying process like major structure defects revealed in the survey or undisclosed items that would not be included in the property sale that you thought were included and of course your mortgage money being declined by your lender even though you have the mortgage offer in principle you can still be turned down when the mortgage company start on the detail of their risk in lending mortgage money to you. You could pay the £2,000 as an act of good faith that you will proceed to completion but stipulate that the deposit is totally refundable back to you should the property fail any structural survey report etc. etc. Your Sol. will do this T&C for you and advise you on this matter.
  20. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/changes-to-tax-relief-for-residential-landlords
  21. Having just sold a renovated property and now in the process of handling the HMRC side of taxation for CGT and I am fairly clued up now on what you can and can't claim. To answer Randell Bond No.1 question the answer is no......you can only claim SDLT back as CGT relief on your 2nd property when you sell. No. 2 Question. Look up Section 24 which is now in force for what the current position is re tax relief on mortgage payments. Section 24 came into force April 2019. HMRC do provide a comprehensive list of what you are able to claim when selling on AND what you can claim when setting up a rental property for tenants.
  22. Well I have been buying property for renovation recently and 1 more rental has been added to my small but manageable portfolio. I have to admit though it is much more difficult to purchase and sell property then it was 10 years ago. SDLT is a bit of a killer for me and I will only seek out property that is well below market value and then add that value to it. This Conservative government have not been any friend of the private landlord over the past 10 years and with section 24 in place it is going to get just that bit more difficult for the sums to add up. Of course a Labour government will kill it completely dead for years to come if Comrade Corbyn carries out his threats.
  23. Then it would be time to emigrate as you would now be living in a totally Communist run country.
  24. If, in the unlikely event an extreme left wing Corbyn government were to be in government and to implement the above in their manifesto it would lead to a mass housing shortage and homeless families which would increase the burden onto the state.
  25. Complex case. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.
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