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  1. My Daughter is an EA for a large but local company. She has stated that after a traditionally quiet 2 months enquiries and sales have really picked up now. Mind you the Honda factory closure is going to have a really serious economic effect on the local area.
  2. Melboy

    Very Slow Website

    Thanks Resident. Yes, a bit slow to open but after that everything is OK for me. Happy New Year to everyone. Who knows what it may bring eh! He says with tongue in cheek. I am about half way through my flat renovation and reaching the stage where you think..... Did I really need to do this at my age? Ha! Ha!. It's all going a bit slow really and I shall have to speed it up. Hoping to put it on the market on April 1st which will be very appropriate.
  3. Melboy


    Shift workers are paid a night shift unsocial hours wage premium for working nights. If you work nights then you cannot expect the rest of the waking world to stay quiet for you whilst you sleep during the day. If this going to be a problem if you work nights then don't rent or buy a flat to live in. I am renovating a lower ground floor flat and the lady in the above flat works nights. I have spoken to her and said I will be as quiet and as considerate as I can be but she must appreciate that there will be some noise from banging around during the day from workmen etc. which she accepted. She told me she usually goes to bed at 10am so I said I will try and get all the really noisy jobs done before 10am and after 10am try to keep noise levels down. No complaints in 2 months from her.
  4. Not a problem for me either. I too carry out RL's recommendations especially No's 1,2,3.
  5. Like all these charity organisations the top execs. will be drawing nice fat salaries with perks. It would be difficult for me not to shop at B&Q but all the other shops mentioned I never have any reason to shop there.
  6. Let's hope that the Minister makes it punishable by flogging and a day in the stocks with rotten eggs being thrown at those tenants who don't regularly check their smoke alarms and CO2 monitors or remove the batteries as the burnt toast keeps setting the alarm off.
  7. Melboy

    Section 21 Spelling Error

    Ah! Now Grampa I just happen to know what this often used expression means: For those of you old enough to remember "Nitty Nora" the head lice nurse that use to visit schools (in my day) and you would end up with a blue scalp from some evil iodine treatment potion. Definition of fine-tooth comb. 1 : a comb with close-set teeth used especially for clearing parasites or foreign matter from the hair. 2 : an attitude or system of thorough searching or scrutinizing went over the report with a fine-tooth comb.
  8. Melboy

    Budget Oct 2018

    Yes I thought the budget statement was fairly neutral with no great surprises but there again the devil with all these budgets is always in the details that follow and never mentioned like.......will car tax rise by 10 per year? Will the TV Licence Tax rise this year again? Last year it was insurance premium tax which was the stealth tax of the year.
  9. Melboy

    Potential tenant - but bad credit rating

    Straight to the point. I would want more in-depth detail about the bad credit rating. I would also require an independent property owning rent guarantor. If this person can provide 6 months up front rent payments how come she has this bad credit rating?
  10. Melboy

    Attention seeking ?

    How true. I will always go the extra mile to help any person out provided they are prepared to initially help themselves but I do know where that fine line of helping someone out and becoming an unpaid branch member of social services lies.
  11. Melboy

    AST and letting agent

    There is no need to re- register secured deposits. I don't and never have. You are required to notify the DPS or any other deposit scheme with the click of a button that your tenancy has now gone periodic and that's about it. There is no requirement for a tenancy contract AST to be re written once that tenancy goes periodic to the same tenant(s) if nothing has altered within the terms of the AST.
  12. Melboy

    Duty of care

    Topic hijack about to take place................ I had a family friend who owned a farm and he had an 18 month old Collie dog cross. The dog (Jack) cornered a rat in a corner of the grain barn and the rat went for Jack biting him deeply on Jack's left front leg. Jack killed the rat with a hard bite. The front leg bite wound turned septic (sepsis) and Jack had to have his front leg amputated. It didn't take him long to recover and he lived to a ripe old age of 16 despite only having 3 legs which made absolutely no difference to Jack whatsoever. He always use to run as fast as if he still had 4 legs and his missing leg made no difference as far as Jack was concerned.
  13. Melboy

    Duty of care

    Big strong leather size 10's to avoid being bitten.
  14. Melboy

    Duty of care

    Nothing beats a picture RL...............
  15. Melboy

    Damp and Freeholder Liability

    Yes, what Grampa has written. Pass that court judgement info onto your freeholder. Of course making good by interior replastering is part of the fabric of the building and the responsibility of the freeholder.