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  1. Just bringing this back to the top of the discussion. I wonder how many landlords are prepared for this or even worse are not aware of the new legistlation? Properties in England must have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) before new tenancies are started from 1st July 2020. The checks ensure the property’s electrical fixtures, such as light fixtures and electrical sockets, are safe before the tenant moves in. The EICR must be performed at least every five years for each property. Landlords creating a tenancy without an EICR face fines of up to £30,000. From 1st April 2021, the new requirements will apply to ongoing tenancies that started before 1st July 2020. Similar requirements were approved in Scotland in 2015. Wales has no such requirements to date.
  2. I was going to say with your budget it must be purchases in the 'oop North area. 😀 Sadly down here in the South West 'ish area of the UK £130k only buys you a 1 bed flat.
  3. 😄 @ COR..........No problems encountered so far but I do have one where I am completely mystified how he is managing to pay his rent AND manage all the other household bills as he has not had a job since last Christmas when he was laid off due to redundancy but I have not approached the subject. His Wife works so that must be where the bulk of bill paying etc comes from with his irregular income from the one or two days he does work. Oh Well doesn't pay to think too deeply about it. Their rent was duly paid yesterday and that is all that matters to me. I would like to offer 1 or 2 of my long term tenants something nice like Richlist does but I do not have a Spanish villa. I do give out wine and beer and chocolates at Christmas to two of them. Must be going soft in my old age. 😀
  4. Nothing wrong in your thinking or actions Grampa as I see it. I have never really been a flat purchase landlord even though I do have a garden flat purchased 13 years ago but that has no service charges and a 999 year lease which makes it virtually freehold. I do prefer 2/3 bed houses in good locations. The flat achieves a very good rent rate and I have an elderly tenant in that one who just loves being there..........yet again location is always the key to purchasing BTL property My Daughter is an EA and she has reported a huge unexpected demand from buyer's and sellers this past week or so. A large property near to me has just sold yesterday for near asking price and a 2 person bidding war to get it as well. BTL? I think it will continue but not as strong as it was pre Covid19. Interest rates being what they are may well drive investors with a pile of cash back into the property market. I did this 2 years ago exactly because of what I was receiving back in interest from accounts and have absolutely no regrets in doing what I did and have certainly achieved a rate of 5% even taking into account repair/ maintenance expendenture over the past 2 years. I have just had installed a whole new long run of close board fencing as well on my properties by one of my lovely tenants who in the past was a fence erector........very handy! I would buy another property again but age is catching up sadly....... but the fire stills burns brightly. 😀
  5. Maash you have just learnt one of life's big lessons as a landlord and most landlords have experienced the same or very similiar circumstances that you are having right now. Some landlords give up and get out totally disallusioned with what they have experienced as a landlord. I have known many, whilst others, like me and many of the contributers on this forum carry on, but oh! so much wiser in the fact that you are not a branch of social services when you are a business landlord offering a service. You have broken ALL the rules of a novice landlord and sadly you are paying the price for it but you will learn from this episode and toughen up if you decide to carry on in the business of being a landlord. I can only wish you good luck in the result but as you have already been advised your best course of action now is to hand over to the professionals to get this ignorant tenant out of your rental property asap. https://www.landlordaction.co.uk/ I have no connection whatsoever with this company but I do know they do a professional job from a recommendation.
  6. I'm in the same boat as COR. Not classified as self employed even though I pay a very large amount of tax to HMG as a "retired" person. Not a lot one can do about it really but to grin and bear it for a while longer. Fortunately I have not had any tenant try it on with me but I am expecting a possible default with one through no fault of their own in this current situation. Not sure how I will deal with it when the time comes.......if it comes.
  7. Your story does not surprise me one bit. 10 years ago I let a flat through an agency who placed a single Man in it through the local authority. He was nothing but trouble and it all culminated in the end with my perfectably serviceable front door was damaged beyond repair by a visitor of his who decided this front door was going to be the target for his violence. I put in a claim for a new door replacement and the reaction was, like you, they wanted to halve the replacement cost. I said no but in the end after waiting 6 weeks and getting nowhere I got rid of this troublesome tenant and took the money on offer just to get the matter resolved. I vowed then never to let to the local authority again. Shame really because I am sure there are decent people out there on the LA housing lists but my experience of dealing with local government officials was more stressful than dealing with a problem tenant.
  8. No, I don't really expect it to be free. He has a business to run and all that entails with running it plus of course a mortgage, 2 Kids and a Wife to support. Over the years past he has done an awful lot of work for me from boiler changes to full central heating installations and the prices have always been very acceptable and comparibly cheap for me.
  9. That's right Grampa..........My Son has Government permission to move around the area and carry on with his work and he has done so this week on boiler breakdowns etc.
  10. In a word...... Yes.......but this doesn't mean to say that many DIY's don't do it for themselves. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& "Domestic properties, schools etc. In domestic properties and workplaces such as shops, restaurants, schools and hospitals, this must be carried out by someone on the Gas Safe Register who is qualified to work on gas appliances. It is illegal for an unregistered person to carry out work on any domestic gas appliance. You can check this by contacting the Gas Safe Register online or by calling them on 0800 408 5500. All those who are registered carry a Gas Safe ID card, which shows the type of work they are qualified to do and whether their qualifications are up to date". &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& You often see the results of DIY attempts at gas fitting with a picture of a big pile of bricks in the daily newspaper and an urgent hospital appointment for the homeowner, assuming that they havn't blown themselves to bits that is. Yes, I'm talking about illegal gas meter by-pass hoses. The HSE will investigate incidents such as this and after the investigation if it rules that dodgy gas fitting was the cause then expect the worse......and that includes the registered gas fitter/technician as well........ as well as the amatuer DIY'er. Oh! and your property insurance company will not pay up either but there again if you are trying to save a few quid with false economy by not having a professional do the certified gas work for you the chances are you won't have your property insured either as you regard it as an unecessary expense. .............and on a more cheerful note I would like to say my rental property today has had a full boiler inspection (and the kitchen gas hob) and service and a clean bill of health and a nice shiny landlord's certificate is now in my hand. I can sleep soundly tonight.
  11. The rules on dealing with any gas appliances including disruption of gas supply to any appliances are clear and laid down in UK.Gov. Gas Law as to who can carry actually carry out this work. The answer is simple really: Only gas registered engineers. Sure there are many people who will carry out this work themselves believing that they have sufficient knowledge in what they are doing. This kind of approach is OK until anything goes wrong and that individual could face prison or a really heavy fine if anything should go wrong. This has been the case for many years and it is well reported if you search it out. One of the latest incidents that I am aware of was a Landlord in Reading (I think it was) was fined £5,000 for knowingly allowing a non registered heating engineer ( Plumber) to install a gas fired boiler. There are many such cases that I have read about over the past years. Any landlord would be a fool not to follow the rules on gas safety certificates for their tenants as the HSE and the law courts would come down very heavily on those persons who break the strict rules on gas safety. I have put this link up for any person viewing this topic to read and digest. https://www.hse.gov.uk/gas/landlords/gassaferecord.htm# Facts that perhaps most people are not aware of. All gas registered heating engineers have to be re-certified every five years and it means a week off paid work and back into the classroom and a cost of around £1,000 to be re-certified on the UK gas register. Gas inspection electronic print-out analysers have to be re-calibrated every year at a cost of £150. The anylisers have a life of around 5 years and cost approximately £800 to buy. Not in London area...... but the average price of a Landlords gas certificate is £80-£85 for peace of mind and tax deductable. My Son charges £70 inc VAT....... and a charge of £50 to me 😀 *I am having a gas safety boiler service carried out this morning*
  12. I believe you need to put them straight on that statement fionaf as they are quite incorrect in their assumption and have been advised incorrectly assuming the advice they received was actually genuine. Perhaps they could look forward to eviction notice at the end of 3 months? Your "holiday" mortgage payments are only tacked onto your mortgage year term and it is at the landlords discretion regarding the rental payments which also would added onto a final settlement bill for any tenant. Finally as a working NHS person he is receiving his monthly salary unless he can prove he has been furloughed by the NHS and even then this does not mean he can stop paying you rent because he would be receiving 80% of his salary anyway.
  13. Me too. My present 6 year old car is low mileage for the year and in near immaculate condition as I tend to look after my car as best as I can. When I look at a replacement model I will have to shell out around 12 grand plus my car in part ex. I really don't want to spend that sort of money right now even though I can well afford to do so. I can imagine many many people are thinking the same as me (and you) as well for no doubt new or nearly new cars are an outrageous price to buy these days imo.
  14. I could have done with one of those 3 weeks ago. I had to attend a booked hospital appointment for an urgent eye check. The hospital for me is about 5 miles away up the M4 so Wifey and myself jumped into the car and off we went. My eye appointment lasted well over 2 hours and when I got back to the car the battery was flat. Surprising really as I would have thought a 5 mile run would put a bit of charge into it. I wasn't allowed to drive due to eye drops etc giving me distorted vision. Never gave it a thought when we set off to the hospital about battery power levels. Anyway I called out the recovery service for a jump start and 45 minutes later we were on our way home. I now recharge my battery every 5 days! Lesson learnt. In the last 6 weeks I have driven around 12 miles. Saving a lot of money on having no petrol bills as well.
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