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  1. Melboy


    DPS website is up and running as well.
  2. All good then Grampa 👍 I would be doing the same this month but outgoing tenant had to have an extra month due to mortgage money hold ups. So next month I too start my upgrading with painting and electrical upgrades and a new boiler plus all the other things you have to before a new tenant moves in. I'm looking forward to it as I am housebound with the current lockdown and beginning to suffer from cabin fever.
  3. I agree with what Richlist has replied back to you. You can instruct your LA that you require total privacy and do not want any contact with the tenant and that the LA will deal with everything on your behalf but that is about as far as you can go to gaining the privacy you require.
  4. Jackanory time. 😀 When I first started out it was normal for properties to be let fully furnished including washing machines. I put a brand new Hotpoint into my first property let in 1990 because it was back then ( and maybe still is now) the thing you did do. I let the property to a couple through an LA. I stated no smokers to the LA...... they both smoked. They wanted a washing machine installed as they said it was essential for them to have one so being a Rookie Landlord and on the advice of the LA I put one in. They left after 7 months which was fine but what I didn't know was that the Man worked on the Motorways at night laying fresh tarmac! You know what is coming up don't you 😀 Yep! washing machine was clogged up with tar particles after 7 months where he use to put his tar soaked blue overalls in to wash them through and I wasn't made aware of this until about 2 months after they had gone by the new tenants complaining about all these black spots on their whites wash. The w/machine was a write off due to the build up of tar deposits in every pipe and the w/machine drum. That is just 1 story of my 3 washing machine horror stories. I haven't put a washing machine into any of my properties now for nearly 20 years. Funny enough I do have a very nice Beko washing machine in my storage stash of "Useful equipment for Landlords."
  5. I never provide washing machines. Too many bad experiences with tenants abusing them. Never had a problem with letting my properties out with that exclusion. Cooker & fridge freezer I normally provide. Some tenants already have their own fridge freezer which helps me out sometimes. My tenant turn over is very minimal, most stay for years. Lawn mower .......Yes. I am pretty relaxed about what I provide and will supply any reasonable request like gardening tools etc. I have a large inventory built up over the 30 odd years and the space to keep them. I am sad to report I have no less then 6 lawn mowers available. 😀 I am very fussy about my tenants keeping the gardens neat and tidy and will take them to task if they don't but to be fair I have never had a problem. I am just about to take a property back after 6 years of occupation and it will be redecorated and upgraded in about a 4 week time cycle. Something that has to be done if you want to secure the best tenants.
  6. My Son replaces pressure vessels all the time. They are a common fault. There are far too many gas engineers around who are not prepared to fault find and replace defective parts. Yes, I agree with a very old boiler it may be beyond economical repair through it's age but the same economic scrap rule applies to your boiler as it does to your car. I also keep 4 electric heaters for emergency breakdowns. I make this clear to my tenants that I will do everything possible to get their heating system back up and running but being a landlord is no different to being an ordinary home owning customer in as much there is always a boiler repair queue.
  7. Just a follow up from today's news............... My Son has been called out to several boiler breakdowns this week from some very disgruntled BG customers who are on the BG boiler breakdown guarantee plan. He has even picked up a boiler replacement from one customer who refuses to give BG the job. "British Gas engineers have started a five-day strike amid a dispute over accusations of a 'fire and rehire' policy. GMB, the union representing employees of British Gas, said the strike will cause 'massive disruption to customers in the depths of winter'. It said several members were mounting socially distanced picket lines across the UK after being 'provoked' into taking industrial action. They claim British Gas's parent company Centrica tried to force through pay cuts by telling workers they will lose their jobs if they don't accept them. Employees would then be rehired on a lesser-paid contract. The walkout will last for five days, with warnings of further stoppages if the row is not resolved".
  8. The insurance company will want to know how many recorded property inspections have taken place prior to the police action. We had a case here a couple of years back where a modern 3 bed house burnt down due to cannabis growing tenants by passing the electrical supply causing a fire. The insurance did not pay out. The house was eventually sold at public auction by the mortgage company for a fraction of it's value.
  9. Yes my Son has experienced a couple of tenants who have initially refused entry for GSC and there is not a lot he can do about that and the matter is then handed back to the Landlord/LA/Tenant. My Son has full PPE equipment suitable for what he has to do to complete a GSC and it is he that is taking the risk really rather than any tenant. I will ask him what the outcome was when entry was refused to the property. I suppose at the final outcome you could request a police escort as GSC come under the national gas safety laws or you could obtain a court order to cut off the main gas supply at the meter box for non compliance etc.
  10. Good Morning.........😀 It never has been nor will I ever slag-off the competition but this is what I know from listening to my Son over the past couple of months. My Son has just completed 22 GSC for a private landlord and he is also under contract for GSC for a large privately run Letting Agency. BG is in trouble with providing it's normal services due to the Covid outbreak and a general shortage of staff. I believe BG has re written their Gas engineers contract of employment which means many have left BG. My Son has completed GSC for at least 3 landlords who have experience of the same problem as Acura has and also a private boiler repair last week for a landlord with a BG contract who had been informed by BG that there was nobody available until mid January. In a weeks time a boiler replacement as well from another BG Customer as my Son managed to get the boiler going having a used Potterton boiler PCB on board his van. Registered gas engineers are under no travel or working restrictions during this pandemic.
  11. Melboy

    Tier 4

    No need to eat your hat Grampa.........My Son in Law has a lot of business dealings with Denmark as his head office is based there and he has been told to not to travel to Denmark TFN and that was 3 weeks ago due to a new strain of Covid discovered in Denmark. France is just playing the Brexit Card let's-be-really-difficult-with-the-British as is there usual way of averting interior crisis. The French Minister will wake up tomorrow and realise that with their actions there are about 100 French truck drivers parked up on the M20 cursing Macron and trying to get back home for Christmas. 😅 Sing: 🚚 "I'm driving home for ChristmasOh, I can't wait to see those facesI'm driving home for Christmas, yeahWell, I'm moving down the M20And it's been so long."
  12. Melboy

    Tier 4

    I am in Tier 3. Cancelled Christmas get together with family and it will just be Mrs Melboy and myself. Fortunately we still get on very well. 😄 We were talking to a family friend over the weekend and he is an ambulance paramedic of 20 years experience down in Richlist's area of the South East and he was telling me that as hardened as he is to what he has to go to in medical emergencies he broke down on Friday with a few tears filling up his eyes. He was faced with a life and death decision with a young Woman who had severe Covid symptoms and in his professional opinion she wasn't go to make it without urgent treatment. Did he robe & mask up and treat her on site or take her straight to the hospital? He chose the latter with blue 's and two's and a frantic 15 minute drive to emergency admissions where she was rushed into the hospital for expert treatment. She didn't make it. She died within the hour. This rams it home for me how serious this new Covid outbreak is.
  13. EPC for me in January/February plus a boiler change plus an electrical consumer unit. All booked in with no problems but the weak link will be my Son on the boiler change timings. 😃 I'm only his Dad at bottom of the customer pile. To be fair he has got me the new boiler all ready to go but it is question of getting it on the wall. Can I also say the existing boiler has been fitted since 1986 and has been regularly serviced every year with only a new gas valve (2015) and thermocouples. Having to change it due to the new green energy policy on condensing gas boilers and a property renovations update.
  14. I think as long as you have a pre booked appointment for a Landlord's certificate and by that I mean a reasonable timescale you should be OK. Don't leave it any longer than you have to. Any major gas / CO related problems causing your tenants a health problem and your property insurance cover will be invalid without a Gasafe certificate for gas appliances as fitted to the property. Rule No.1 of being a rental landlord in 2020/1 is cover your arse on every aspect and every likely scenario that can happen to a landlord.
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