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  1. Update Just completed the first of my properties to meet the new Government rental property electrical standards yesterday. New consumer unit (fuseboard) fitted. Bathroom light failed and was replaced with a new quality LED safety ceiling light ( IP 65 ) and one defect found in one of the 15 amp mains circuit which was corrected. Total cost was £550 and this was at a Mates rate price as well. It was slightly more work involved as the property Consumer units were split into 2 separate boxes and now everything is neater and into the one unit. This flat was built in 1991 so not ancient either and had a current electrical safety certificate which was 5 years old. This work was carried out on a 1 bed garden flat. My other larger properties will come in at around £400 each property for consumer unit updates and certification. I managed to get this lower price on a contract basis. 5 year registration certificate will be issued to me in the next 2 weeks. I am of the opinion that Local Councils will enforce this new electrical certification on rental properties for landlords and any property found not to have the certification then you will be fined as per Government legislation. This will be treated as a means of raising revenue for the Local Council budgets.........think Bus Lanes and Yellow Box camera's which provides thousands of pounds for local council funding. Edit: I forgot to show a picture of the original installation. Photo No 4 at the bottom of the photo's. This electrical unit has been installed since 1991 and has never ever caused any problems. In my opinion and I have a reasonably good working knowledge of domestic electrics there was no reason why this unit could not have remained in place and a new certificate issued. The flat still had a current safety certificate in place which was coming up for renewal and that would have revealed the bathroom light fitting needed upgrading and a minor fault on a ring main socket. Just my opinion on this whole matter.
  2. Shame the Torts Act is not written in plain English. .........."as you have failed to communicate to my 3 written requests on when are you coming to collect your possessions (insert dates) I give you notice that I shall be taking them to the local recycling centre after 14 days". Sorted! 👍
  3. Almost certainly as suggested by Richlist all fitted carpets and underlay, where fitted, have to be removed and then it's a thorough clean of the floors, walls etc. using a strong antiseptic cleaner. If the condition of the property reflects below market purchase value then this shouldn't be a problem. I have cleaned and cleared worse properties than this in my time but at the correct purchase price of course.
  4. The rules of when is a property abandoned or not abandoned are weighted against the landlord when it comes to taking back the property on an assumption it has been abandoned in the first place. As far as I am aware you cannot just change the locks although to me it would make sense to change the locks and place a notice on the front door with a contact number to regain entry by the tenant. Often common sense and landlord / tenant law do not go hand in hand though.
  5. I think you need a solicitor to sort this out but I can tell you (free of charge) you are not permitted to cap-off or stop water supplies to other properties without legal authority to do so and from what you have said it may be difficult to get that authority. Severn Trent should be able to advise you as well on the best course of action but you could end up with a big invoice once they are aware of your ancient pipe work set up. All lead pipework should have been replaced by now with the current water by-law pipework for your area which is normal polypropylene type blue or black tube.
  6. The really worse thing that could happen is if the Chancellor brings in a sales tax on ALL property sales and this has been discussed more than once over the past 10 years by this Conservative administration and previous governments. If he did do this then I would guess there would be a starting price level before any tax liability kicked in.
  7. This is a UK Landlord's website so any insurance policy obtained from a Canadian Insurance Co. would certainly be null and void in the event of any claim. Yes, we have the same arrangements here in the UK regarding tenant insurance for landlord's.
  8. My liability is before April 2020 ( July 2019 )and having sought info from HMRC the person told me to declare it on my next SE tax declaration for 20/21 so I have done that . Can't keep up with it all these days I have to say. 😐 You can't avoid it at all because your selling solicitor advises HMRC of your property sale.
  9. 2 years use to be the minimum time after moving back into a BTL unless you had been a member of the armed forces serving overseas for a contract period with your family and some government departments were also exempt. CGT declaration time period is more than 30 days as I am aware.... and if it's not then I'm in trouble. 😅
  10. The Government is discussing today whether to extend the "No Eviction" period for Tenants for non payment of rent for another 3 months. I guess for the unscrupulous tenants it's another chance to bankrupt landlords with this Covid regulation bearing in mind there is now a back log of 40,000 eviction cases waiting to go through the Courts. It's a pity the Government doesn't allow for helping the private landlord to avoid being forced out of business if they are unable to meet their financial commitments to the banks and mortgage companies.
  11. I have a tenant with a big dog. They have been with me for 4+ years now. I have a special clause in the contract regarding any damage and cleaning if and when they give notice and it was stated quite clearly at the commencement of the tenancy that special cleaning conditions would be enforced when they eventually leave and they know this to be the case. They have had many inspections and the house is and was in immaculate condition on all inspections carried out. Perhaps I have been lucky. Normally I would never take a dog into any of my properties. I wouldn't recommend it.
  12. The battery and the light bulbs are really quite insignificant really taking everything into consideration in the World of being a landlord. You say you have brought a company in to professionally clean the property due to some issues. Strictly speaking you should have asked the outgoing tenant to rectify your concerns before going ahead with that action including the battery and bulbs. Distance landlording is always going to be difficult ( see COR's posts) and considering the horror stories you read about and see on the TV programs I would say you have very little to worry about really.
  13. Melboy

    Ms Amanda

    Just goes to show what a big softee I am Grampa............😇
  14. Melboy

    Ms Amanda

    If this wasp nest was in my tenants garden I would deal with it and would not expect the tenant to have any responsibility for clearing it out. Easily done as I had to clear one last year..........just wear light body protection and spray or inject a branded wasp nest spray in the early morning or late evening. It does work.
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