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    As long as shes not 2 months behind when she goes to court then theres no need to worry, but shes best to clear up any arrears asap.
  2. To totally rewire a house the costs can be from £2000-£3500 depending on the size of the house.
  3. A new board with an RCD does'nt cost more than £120 max to purchase, i would never charge a customer more than £200 to change the board. Make sure your spark is part P registered.
  4. Sparky

    Other tenants?

    1: invite your Landlord to stay over one night so he can experience what you have to put up with. 2: Take an Axe to this drunk guys door so he doesn't lock himself out again
  5. Go around and have a nice chat to him over a cuppa tea, he must be a good tenant if hes been in your property for over 2 years, explain to him politely that your costs have increased and you've not increased his rent before in the past 2 years.
  6. Hi Preston it says on my AST agreement please setup a standing order for the 20th of each month, it didn't state please make sure all payments are cleared by the 20th otherwise i would have set my standing order up a few days before. i'm with the Halifax so i'll phone them tomorrow and ask them if its possible to make a same day payment via standing order or by any other means. i understand my LL has his bills to pay also, so if my bank declines a same day transfer on the 20th then i'll go see my LL and give him one extra weeks rent in advance in cash as i dont want him marking me down as a late payer. thanks for your advice
  7. Hi i'm a new tenant and i've setup my standing order payments to come out on the 20th of each month as it stated in my AST payment must be made on or before the 20th of each month, yet my Landlord phoned me to complain that he never received my payment untill the 22nd. i have bank statements showing my standing order payment was made on the 20th but the Landlord says he never got it untill the 22nd of the month. if it continues to take 2 days for the funds to get transfered every month i think my LL will get annoyed especially as i'm a new tenant. i've offered to pay an extra weeks rent in advance to cover this 2 day bank transaction, but he declined it and just said he would make a note on my file. my LL has one months rent paid in advance when i signed the AST and also 6 weeks rent as a deposit. Any advice please
  8. All is well in my rented accomodation so far, the neighbours are friendly and the house hasn't fell apart the landlord has let me change light fittings and add new ones and fit dimmer switches, also done some decorating I've added value to his investment, maybe he should pay me to live here lol
  9. theres still spam on the tenant forums.
  10. I have bad credit history yet i paid my mortgage payments on time for the past 12 years. a lot of people have bad credit history, mines from being issued a default a from a finance company i'm in dispute with for being mis-sold PPI, which i'm now claiming back. check his credit file and see how long ago his bad credit history was from and from what companys.
  11. Thanks again for your advice preston, as we've owned our own house for the past 12 years and sold it in a high standard, the mrs doesn't want us moving into a new home in a poorer standard. i just wish our new landlord would knock on our door before the new buyer moves in next week to see for himself how well we have improved our house and kept it nice clean and modern state. some of the propertys we viewed before this one was of a very poor standard, i find it hard to beleive some landlords actually put their propertys on the rental market in such a poor state. i take my hat off to you guys who are good landlords, personally i could never of rented out my property as it seems such a headache and the laws seem against the landlord rather than the tenant unfortunetley. i asked the agent if i could pay up front 2 years rent in advance but they declined as they said they would only give a new tenant a 6 month contract, which i can understand. well we are hoping all goes well in this new property fingers crossed. thank you
  12. thanks for all your answers preston much appreciated, i do have a few more questions. is it ok to ask the landlord if i could buy new light fittings and fit them and fit dimmer switches in his property as the wife isn't too keen on the ones already fitted "shes very fussy". i could keep the ones he has fitted and box them away and put the orignals back if/when we leave his property. would it be ok to turf the rear garden and put some plants in ? or do landlords frown upon this ? Kind Regards Sparky
  13. Hi I'm going to move into my new rented house shortly through a letting agent, i'm a bit concerned though as every time i've gone to view the property they never show me that even the lights are in working order. what things should i ask them before i depart with best part of £2000 ? thank you
  14. Well after looking at a lot of houses we've finally found one suitable a 3 bed detached with a garage for all my tools.
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