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  1. hi i know this site is for residential landlords, but i just wondered if anyone knows if private landlords that are not resident and not ordinarily resident have to pay C.G.T. when they sell their property, as i got some sketchy news about changes in the 2012 budget thanks
  2. salavan


    hi i just been reading about even more regulations this time regarding e.c.p. simon thompson chairman of the landlords syndicate states in the last paragraph that landlords will be faced with making the improvements or taking the house of the market. what a good idea i am seriously considering selling my rental property and investing the money in another country where all these regulations that are thought up to keep bureaucra's in their well paid jobs dont exist, then the tenants can sleep in cardboard boxes, can we get a regulation that makes cardboard boxes have compulsoery ECP'S
  3. hi i just heard about even more regulations being imposed on landlords regarding tenant deposits, i just wondered if anyone knows about existing deposits, my tenant paid a deposit over 8 years ago when he first moved in he still remains in the property and i still hold the unprotected deposit does anyone know if i am affected by this,? do i now have to protect the 8 year old deposit? thanks .
  4. hi ive just replaced 2 rotten wooden SINGLE glazed windows in my rented property with 2 double glazed upvc. does anyone know if the inland revenue regard this as an improvement or repair and maintenance expenditure
  5. hi another tax question if anyone can help i just had a more economical gas boiler and upgraded the heating system in my house which i rent out after the tennant complained of high heating bills. because it involved some electrical work i thought i had better get the electricals checked, it failed on everything and was considered dangerous so i had the house completely rewired. I also had some part double glazing instaled, the cost of all combined was 6,000 pounds, i was wondering if any of this can be claimed as a tax allowance or capital allowance, or whether it is considered by the tax office as an improvement. most of it was done for energy saving, apart from the elecrical which may have had to be done by law. (im not sure) thanks.
  6. hi folks i know it may not be relivent to this site but hope there somone who can advise me i just had a new heating system installed in my rented property, and i just wondered if the cost of the instalation is tax deductable, either as an expence or as a capital allowance thanks
  7. hi im having a new gas central heating system installed in a rented property of mine, it will involve a small amount of electrical work (alterations) as well. just wondered if anyone can tell me if i have to get a electrical saftey check done after the work is finished as i do with the gas. thanks
  8. hi My tenant used to be on a 1 year AST it expired 3 years ago so he is now on a periodic tenancy, he pays rent every month I want to raise the rent. Can anyone tell me how much notice i have to give him glad of any advise thanks
  9. hi does anyone know if i need a HMO licence i have a 3 bedroom end of terrace house that i intend to let to 3 individuals that are not related the house has the usal ground foor and first floor bedrooms and the local authority is east herts district council
  10. hi im trying to decide whether to let my property funished or un furnished , just wondered if there are any legal implications such as is it more difficult to remove a tenant ect, i know furniture has to conform to the fire regulations but apart from that im not sure if there is anything else that would affect the tenancy, be grateful of any coments or suggestions
  11. Hi ive been reading on this web site about agents taking deposits and not registering them with the DPS, can anybody tell me what should be done / what proof should one ask for to make sure the agent has done his job properly and registered the deposit thanks
  12. i guess you are lucky they are going without a problem but it seems to me the landlord has to give in and eat humble pie everytime
  13. hi can anyone advise me. my tenant is on a periodic tenancy i need the property back so i have issued him with a section 21 4a notice (2 months). he has informed me that he will move out in 2 -3 weeks as he has already found a new place, am i still entitle to 1 months rent for that 2 or 3 weeks when he moves out.
  14. hi hope someone can advise me i have a tenant on a periodic tenancy for the last 3 years. i need the property back so i want to issue him with a section 21 4 a he paid a deposit when he moved in several years before the tenancy protection deposit scheem came in to force so it not protected (i still hold the deposit) can i still issue him with a section 21 4a notice
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    can anyone advise me i have a tenant who is now 3 months in arrears with the rent, i am about to issue him with a section 8 notice, i would like to know what my position would be if after reciving the section 8 notice he pays 2 months of the rent and still owes 1 month, as i suspect this is what he will do. is the section 8 now void?
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