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  1. I can tell BTL is on the way down by the amount of 1 bed Barratt type homes on the market in my conurbation. These were the 'buy1 and let it' type of landlord who now find it too troublesome or had interest only mortgages. Most will make a CG but the prices are down by £40K. I've paid a load of mortgage off by selling some gold jewellery I decided I didn't like. - quite a relief to get rid actually. Using an accountant is well worth it I find and tax deductible. One of the staff there was telling me how even when you get through to HMRC the person you speak to has little knowledge and often they just hang up!
  2. Richlist always manages to evade the issue! Income per month from joint tenants, single or family must be 2.5 times the monthly rent - that is the calculation I use. You can include family allowance and other benefit payments in that figure if appropriate. Others may have a different system of working it out.
  3. Martin it might have been good to start a new post as this one started back in 2009! Perhaps mods can do this now? Does the agent belong to ARLA, NAEA - if so contact them and report him. When did tenancy start and was agent supposed to inspect at regular intervals? How many inspections did he miss? This forms the basis of your case for the small claims court cos that is where you need to go not your insurer. Agent has not carried out his contract with you - sue for breach of contract or better try and get him to cough up funds to avoid you prosecuting him and the bad publicity that will kill his business stone dead.
  4. Report the damp conditions to the council. They can force him to do repairs or leave the property empty by placing a notice on the owner that will prevent him renting to others.
  5. HMO status is very much a local thing. In my area 3 or more unrelated persons sharing a property creates an HMO but not necessarily one that needs a licence.
  6. I see this ICO thing as another excuse to extract money from the poor landlord. I'm not registered and have no intention of doing so. A few (20) years ago one of the councils where I have props was insisting that if you had a burglar alarm at the premises (a couple of mine did) then you had to register with some council offshoot and pay £25 per annum in case it went off so they could phone and tell you. I did this for one year then the scheme fell to bits - I still wonder who took the cash as on enquiriy I could find no one to give me any info on the scheme. I see this ICO thing for the small landlord as being in the same camp. I'm off to a Brexit party!
  7. Thanks Melboy - I'll pass this on. When is say joint owners can that include brother and sisters? Logic says yes but in the whacky world of HMRC I'm not sure.
  8. Yes the tenancy is still live. Changing locks could be seen as illegal eviction. Do you have an inventory in place to show the kitchen or even pictures? Report theft of kitchen etc to police and make a statement to that fact. Is this person working or on benefits? Look at him on Facebook - a good way of sussing dross like this. Ideally you need him to sign a Deed of Surrender to end things. Be careful Electric supplier does not try to give you the bill.
  9. If I had excluded occupiers in my house I would want them out. Sorry I just don't get your reasoning Fiko if what you have told us is correct. Something tells me there is more to this case than we are being told.
  10. Beware of low flying pigs - not you Richlist. I do not believe a word of that propaganda. The biggest polluters are the Chinese and the USA in that order. The humble UK gas boiler comes way down the list. Show me how you install an air source heat pump in a flat NOT on the ground floor of a building?
  11. If what OP writes is correct sounds like these to EU citizens are somewhat confused (probably because it suits them) having gotten some information elsewhere. Housing solicitor........are there any? Letter from a letting agent! 9/10 are clueless as to the legalities of anything let alone definition of lodger V tenant - a personal opinion based on the agent types I meet daily in my area.
  12. That must be a mega boiler to deal with 8 units! How new is boiler and system? What happens when they need a new one. What are the insulation values? I would knock on a few doors and ask how things work out and who is a non or late payer - there is always one.
  13. Let us know how you get on and my recommend is don't be so casual in letting without a written Lodger Agreement next time. You can download one free from the Shelter website and other places.
  14. So if you have proof it is your main home such at council tax document , bank statements and bills in your name then this is your proof it is your main residence. The 'sort of step daughter' is irrelevant to the matter and the fact you went travelling. Are you the sole owner of the property? If so you can give any lodger notice to leave. If you want them out don't offer them any free accommodation - that will just prolong things unnecessarily. Go in, pack up their stuff and put it in a safe place... Change the locks. Text them and tell them where their stuff is so they can collect it.
  15. Whoa! Fiko you seem confused between a lodger and a tenant. 1. Do you live in the property concerned? If you do then they are lodgers and are there on a lodger agreement - no or little notice needed - change locks and put their stuff outside. 2. If you don't then they are tenants have a minimum term of 6 months verbal or written contract. They are on an AST so you will need a S21 or S8 notice to start proceedings against them. Which is it?
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