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  1. Council Inspector has asked for a thumb lock on the back door to make escape in event of fire easier.I currently have a mortice lock can this be swopped easily for a thumb lock ? How much are they ? Are they as secure ? Anyone able to help on this one ?
  2. I am thinking of asking my student tenants for parental guarantees . The tenancy would be joint one between five students . Is there any way the parent can just guarantee their own childs rent or would this contradict the fact the agreement is a joint tenancy and make it unenforcable ?Can anyone help?
  3. I have a shared student house for seven which is licensed and has required toilets bathrooms fire alarm smoke detectors etc . there is one large kitchen and shared lounge the enviromental health officer is carrying out a routine inspection.Does any one know the legal requirements relating to the kitchen?Is one kitchen in the house acceptable ? Can more sinks/cookers be added if necessary? Is there any existing ruling about kitchens in student houses thats sets any precedent?
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