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  1. sorry i made a mistake the bottom reply was aimed at rodent not simon...oops
  2. j4l :: because we are both under 21 we have been asked for a guarentor although we are very capable of paying bills and rent on time some landlords think we are uncapable. which i can understand but does get very frustrating. as it would only be my partner going down on the tennancy agrement as im only 17. i think alot of landlords look and think we are immature. although we wont be claiming dss we have been asked for a guarantor, but it does make it that little bit easier because we wont need a place accepting dss. simon :: lol we are veiwing a place in dover on monday but would have preffered dartford but its so expencive. its with an estate agent so i hold little hope lol.
  3. alot of landlords wont accept us as we dont have a guarentor although we will be getting more then enough.
  4. im not to sure about how to get a landlord directly though in kent.
  5. yeah i know, does anyone know of any in kent?? i would rather go by a landlord but had no luck so far. they just really annoyed me its made me want to give up with estate agents lol.
  6. Hiya me again!!! WE HAVE HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE FROM THE PROPERTY SHOP ESTATE AGENTS! well where to start?! Thursday 30/8/07 : I ring up The property shop estate agents about a place in swanscome and i get told the place is not available anymore. Then i get told that they have a 2 bed house in gravesend available for £550pcm. I explain the situation that we are not living together as we have not got a place yet and thats why we are looking now. The estate agents said that we would be able to go ahead with this place as we would be getting tax credits when we move in & my partners wages cover 2.5 times the rent anyway. So we made a veiwing for Saturday 1/9/07 at 11am. Saturday 1/9/07 : We get to Gravesend early enough to have a quick look around town and find the road the house is on. We turn up outside at 10.30am and we wait. By 11.25am still no estate agents has shown up so we walk up to the property shop in Gravesend. They claim it was not wrote in the diary, and apologize. Apology accepted! They then make another apointment for the same day but for 11.45am. So we go down there and wait yet again. Low and behold no-one turns up and 11.50am i get a phone call from an estate agent at The Property Shop telling me that as we are not claiming tax credits now.... we are not eligable for the place after all. So, The estate agent on the phone tell's me that he can find a one bedroom for us then go from there. OK i say, The estate agent promises to ring back with details of one bed places but never does. We get back to my In-Laws house and we still havent heard nothing so i ring them up. Aparently the estate agent i spoke to had not forgotton but was speaking to some landlords for us. Another Ring Back Promised. Monday 3/9/07 : Still have not had a phone call from The Property Shop. SO ACHEIVEMENT OF THE WEEKEND:: LOSS OF £10 GETTING TO GRAVESEND, A WASTED DAY WHEN WE COULD HAVE BEEN VEIWING ANOTHER PLACE, STOMACH PAINS FROM LOTS OF WALKING WHILST BEING 9 MONTHS PREGNANT.
  7. hiya, thanks for replying! Well it turns out we wont be claiming dss at all but still dont have a guarentor. but because my partner earns enough we mite be able to get away with it...as weve been told. thanks for your help though, really appreciated. if anyone knows anything dont hesitate to let me know!
  8. well... as it turns out we wont be able to claim for HB anyway as my partner earns enough x2.5 the rent. so it just makes it easier. we can pass the credit checks. sooooo........if anybody knows anything that could help let me know please!!!!! and were very quiet people, keep ourselves to ourselves. thanks
  9. well... get some residents to play some nice drum and bass or hip hop very loud!!! or simply move in loud neighbours...
  10. omg tankyou some one who understands!!! south east london: dartford, swanscome, crayford, greenhithe, bean, swanley, gravesend, all these sort of areas and any where in rochester... were willing to go up to £600 pcm. not alot but some places are cheap, and were willing to be anywhere e.g above shops as were geting desprate thank you so much
  11. Hiya all, were a couple starting out and have a baby on the way. the councils have been usless and my partner lives 52 miles away! we despratly need somewhere in dartford or around that area, all the way to rochester as my partner works in dartford we cant go too far away. we would be claiming part dss but dont have a guarentor. does anyone know of any landlords that will take us on?? or any information that might help?? Thanks
  12. Thats the thing though we have money saved to pay deposit and dont have ccj's or arrers or anything like that but no one seems to want to take us on. i understand people have had major problems with dss and no garentor, Which really puts heat on us as were then looked at as though were the same. Its not easy as all family have council houses so wouldnt be able to garentor us.
  13. Hiya, Just to ask if anyone has any places they would be willing to rent to a couple on part dss in south east london area or rochester way? We Dont have a garentor, as no-one we know owns their own home. Were looking for a 2 bed as were expecting a baby in september. Were very reliable, quiet people & keep our selves to ourselves. Just really needing somewhere to call home as were living 52 miles apart. i know im not ment to be asking on here but cant seem to find any thing to help. Thank you for your time ::If anyone can help or knows anyone willing to help you can either contact me on here or over email:mummy2beh@hotmail.co.uk
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