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  1. Things get worse. Turns out the engineer didn't 'remember' to test the 5 Call Points. Or sign the Fire Blankets to confirm they had been checked. The Emergency Lighting was switched off, then back on after a couple of minutes to check they stayed on with battery power. All was down as work completed on Certificate. Now, to cap it all one of my tenants has complained as the engineer did not wear a mask. Who'd be a flipping landlord!! Paul PS; am a 20% taxpayer as the income from my/our 7 properties are shared with wife, for exactly that purpose. Have been a residential landlord since 1984, when my father passed away. It's not about the money. It's as Grampa says; I need to know my arse is well and trully covered.
  2. Have done some 'Googling' & come up with this... "UK fire alarm regulations 5839 only state that your fire alarm system must be 'adequately maintained', however BS 5839 recommends that a fire alarm system should be inspected by a competent person at least every 6 months and the government recommends following this standard" This seems to me to be a good bit vague; 'Recommends, should, adequately maintained, competent person.' Am finding it difficult to get to the bottom of what 'must' be done & by 'whom'..... Paul
  3. Actually, i just noticed after 15 years of Annual services the company say i now need to have it done every 6 months. So they have ramped their fee's up & also have to come twice a year now I have asked for clarification & the relevant regulation. Do any of you know about a possible new 'rule' here at all? Rich: not 40% Paul
  4. Would agree completely with the last 2 replies Thankyou all again
  5. I have certainly noticed their charges ticking up these last couple of years too. £100 +vat to go round each flat testing each detector. (3 per flat) 15 in all with stairway. Takes about 45 minutes. This year, they said they had to replace the two 12v 3.2amp batteries in the control panel. Nothing wrong with them, but they have to be replaced after so many years. £30 each. (£13 delivered off ebay). Turn the emergency lightinh on & off. Total £195 inc VAT Seems a lot for 1 hour max. But looking another way i get £21,000 annual rental from that property, so it's peace of mind i guess....
  6. What you describe is pretty much what i have been doing actually. The BAFE certified company visit once a year to do the test & have been doing so for over 15 years. They also check the extinguishers & give advise re regulatiob updates. Plus i have my own Fire Log. Thanyou for your swift reply Paul
  7. Can anyone advise. I have a block of 4 flats which have a mains wired fire alarm system installed; all detectore & call points are linked to a main control box. Question is, am i required to have the system tested annually by an approved installer? I do monthly tests myself & enter the results into a Fire Log. Thanks in advance, Paul
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