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  1. Ah yes that went without saying that I would pay installation costs and get it in my name. Thanks for the input
  2. Hi All This is my first time renting a flat so please pardon my ignorance. I am moving into a shared flat within the next week. I will pay 2 weeks rent deposit, then 1 week rent in advance. I plan to stay in this property for about 1 year until I buy my own house. The landlord seems to be nice enough but when I asked about a phone line she said that the flat didnt have one and she didnt really want one in incase she is left with a big bill when a tenant leaves.(understandable) I really need a BT line for my broadband account which i am tied to for another 10 months and I need it for work/study. Would a landlord usually reconsider not allowing a phone line ? Should I offer to pay an increased deposit or pay rental more in advance to show collateral ? Thanks in advance for any advice/info ! Michael
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