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  1. Dear all i have a tenant whom has signed a twelve month contract so far she has asked me to clean the fridge(pet tested) and the carpets which i did and put the curtain rails back on after she cleaned the curtains she also gave me a 26 point list of minor problems like the loft hatch not shutting properly and the wallpaper in one room peeling in one corner i addressed the one vaild point of a missing skirting board.I also have rewired the whole house to part p standard with a niceiec electrician and guarantee i also have a landlords certificate from british gas and three star cover for gas plumbing As far as i am aware everthing is good but she is very rude in her requests and expects any problems to be done immediately.She now says the shower is not working but i have checked and the problem is the water pressure.There is adequete pressure for a bath and the sink pressures and central heating is fine.I asked her to ring british gas direct and arrange a visit for the shower but she broke the appt i cannot always be around so it seems reasonable for her to arrange an acceptable appt direct (it is all paid for).However when she came back from holiday two weeks ago she rang me and demanded that i should have fixed the shower.I tried and went myself but she was very aggressive to me and asked me to leave her property.She then recieved a report from british gas that the system needed some flushing but i have found out that the water company should give an opinion on the pressure before i go ahead to flush the system however she the rang me and said she is going to give in her notice .i do not mind but i am willing to fix the problem as soon as possible but cannot communicate with her as she can be very rude.I will follow the law and repair what is necessary once the fault has been diagnosed but this takes time, she has hot water to take a bath the heating system is working and safe as far as i know but know wants to call in enviromental health which i have no problem with am i behaving reasonably. i charge her a below market rent as well.
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