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  1. Thanks again. The AGM's are scheduled satisfactorily and I am 'virtually' present at most via skype or someone's phone! Minutes are sent by email - no complaints there. I travel to the UK for work (at least used to before covid!) so reading contracts at the registered adrs is feasible. Thank you for the idea. One final comment (if I may) It's the full lack of transparency that frustrates me. We are currently paying surveyors - chosen without tender - the sum of 11% of a circa £0.5mil roof project under the premise that a full tender and many quotes were submitted, therefore everything is above board. If the surveyor gets a percentage of the total works, surely there are conflicts of interest here (ie an incentive to invite/attract high quotes) as compared with a market rate flat fee for overseeing the project? As surveyors they should know what is involved and could quote a flat fee + time if needed. Ironically they hadn't cottoned on a change in permit laws end 2018, and we had to resubmit plans last year which meant we missed the summer of 2019 and construction costs went up (though my guess is they will plummet next year ). The winning tender itself has been now, approved despite the word 'estimate' being used!!! It goes on... I shall look for my lease!
  2. Thank you. Yes, I am a part freeholder & fair point re my needing to read the lease. Annual accounts are sent - no complaints there but REGARDLESS of what is written in the lease I do wonder how one is meant to judge re value for money based on an 'x' cost for 'Cleaning' or 'gardening' without further detail. I don't know what that actually comprises of! Is our yardstick the fact that the place is 'acceptable' re cleanliness or the garden is not overgrown? The lack of re-tendering + directors who have remained in place for decades (and are justifiably tired) creates stagnancy. I live abroad so would not be viable as a potential director but I do like to know how exactly what we are getting for our service charges. The annual accounts are vague. Am I being too analytical or do others out there obtain greater detail? Thank you in advance for any comments.
  3. I have requested copies of the property management, cleaning and gardener contract for a residential estate. I am a part freeholder and therefore pay (significant) property management fees. The estate directors have ask me to explain why I need them and have not supplied. I appreciate they are sensitive documents but do I not have a right to a copy for services we pay for without needing to justify the reason? I'd simply like to know what I am paying for, so is requesting the 'services provided' list a good way of getting round this? Are there alternative suggestions please?
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