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  1. Thanks for you reply 😊 We have had some damage to the property and when we asked to come in to repair, they refused entry. We do have that on a signed document when an inspection was done so hopefully that will be enough to prove they won't let us rectify the situation. Despite it not being our doing. You're correct that council tax is not being paid. I'm going to have a conversation with the council on Monday and make them aware that the section 8 is going in next week. Already have 4 neighbours on board who have all clarified there is a lot of "footfall" through the door and the front garden is frequently covered in beer cans and peculiar individuals. The police will be attending next week regarding the attempted assault and hate crime. I guess now we wait... I paid for the sol to issue the section 8 and hopefully they leave before it goes to court but that's just wishful thinking
  2. Definitely a foolish mistake on my part. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. Hopefully the endless emails and calls of abuse will stop soon. Even if that means riding it out until we instruct bailiffs
  3. Thank you for your help. That's pretty much what I've read but it's nice to hear it from someone experienced. They said it's a 3 month process now because of covid. If they don't go in that time, we go to court, and then they clarified what you said about bailiff. I'll make sure to clarify the availability of them in this area. When we did the tenancy agreement I did also provide them with a letter of "grounds for possession". Stating that if after at least 2 months in to the tenancy I needed to sell the property or move back in myself, they agree to leave. Both signed and dated this. Solicitor said to use it as a back up if for whatever reason the s8 doesn't go our way. Apparently it's classed as ground 1 on the s8 but takes 6 months for the courts to decide. I never really intended to be a landlord. Tried to do a good deed and allow some friends to move into a vacant property I had. Never again. As soon as they're gone it's being sold.
  4. Yes but only by 50 quid over. I have spoken with the solicitor who is going to issue the section 8 for me. Maybe this game isn't for everyone.
  5. Thanks for the reply but other than suggesting I'm clueless, it doesn't really help me. I'm never going to be "seasoned" if I always hand over to the solicitor, am I?
  6. Hello all I have a tenant who has only been in my property for 7 months and is already causing me a nightmare. I'll detail the issues and then explain what I'm trying to do to get him out via section 8. Rent arrears - always 100 or 200 short each month. From the minute he moved in. Always a sob story. Totalling around 1500 now Alcoholic and aggressive. Refused access to certain areas of the house, I'm fairly confident drugs are involved The police are involved due to hate crime. The tenant feels compelled to mock my disability and make threats based upon it House isn't wrecked but is fairly disgusting inside. Bits of cosmetic damage but nothing major Constant complaints of disturbance to the council - their housing officer is forever on the phone to me My marriage has broken down so I need the house to go back to. Pretty sure I read somewhere that can be one of the reasons for a section 8? Im confused around the process of issuing a section 8 with regards to the documentation I need to put in with it? Do I only have to provide the GSC and EPC with a section 21 or is it for the 8 too? Any help would be massively beneficial. Thank you.
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