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  1. I think I have to agree with you for all those reasons, though I haven't ever let to benefit tenants so far. NO plans to do so any time soon.
  2. Intrigued to know what other fun stuff you are up to?
  3. I am looking for 3/4 bed houses up to £130K each and have a budget of £600K
  4. That's true, but I doubt we'll get to know if they are about to lose their job. This could always be the situation. As landlords we face an element of risk and exposure every time we take on a new tenant, there are never any guarantees, I've had the best tenants (on paper) doctors on good pay who went into arrears for no good reason then disappeared leaving 6 months of arrears. I go into this business with my eyes wide open and a healthy contingency 🙂
  5. Good idea I'd say. Always prefer houses to flats, tenants tend to be more long term in houses and we know how expensive tenant change overs can be, so minimising them keeps profits up. I'm also looking to add to my investments, currently looking for small portfolios of 4-6 properties to buy before end of July.
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