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  1. I think that's a very interesting and valid point. But is the threat of highly exasperated and students disillusioned with their landlords taking matters into their own hands by setting up their own unvetted and unregulated platforms just going to stoke what is arguably a brewing fire? If both sides could be heard then would that not be a better and more regulated way of ensuring issues such as these are better managed. The tourism industry has embraced TripAdvisor, could it not be argued that the letting industry might do the same? There have been a number of regulations instigated solely in Wales that's true. I've not found Rent Smart particularly problematic but I suppose that differs from LL to LL, and I have a relatively small portfolio. I've actually put together a survey about this which I would be keen to get thoughts and opinions on from people: Google Forms Survey
  2. I've noticed in my home city of Cardiff that landlords / letting agents seem to be getting particularly a lot of stick at the moment. C4's Joe Lycett's Got your Back did a piece on one of the agents, and students seem to have responded. They're 'arming' themselves left right and centre. I've seen a few student groups setting up platforms that enable students to review their properties, letting agents, and landlords. The landlord in me says, it would be great to be able to review letting agents themselves and see reviews on others, before opting on who would manage my property, and being able to review tenants back. But is this a good idea? I'd be really keen to hear others thoughts on this.
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