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  1. Thank you for your contribution and sympathy with my situation. I decided to report the tenant to HB for many reasons; - He continued to report me to the council for disrepair that he never reported to my estate agent, which it was increased after I managed to get his HB paid to me, after he did not comply with the court order to move out in March 2020. - I felt it was my duty to inform the HB about his possible fraudulent behaviour as he might have been claiming HB but he was pocketing it instead of paying it to me as his landlord. - I don't think the HB will stop paying me his HB if he is entitled to it as he is breach of a court order. - I wouldn't wish this experience to anybody and I wanted the authorities to be aware of such behaviour. In regard to my estate agent, It was not him who let the house to this tenant. It was actually me upon a recommendation from my local shop owner, thinking that he was in need for a temporary place to stay after he was supposedly racially harassed by some local residents in his previous place. The shop owner later on regretted introducing him to me and helped to reach an agreement to leave my property in March 2020 but he didn't. The estate agent agreed to manage my property in July 2019 and he was hopeful that the tenant would move out in peace as he was not paying the rent. It turned out that it was not as easy as he thought as things go complicated and the tenant was very aggressive and rude towards him and his staff. I don't think that another agent will be interested in taking on managing my property while we are in this mess. Thank you for your thoughts, much appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone I just want to update you on my struggle to evict the Syrian refugee tenant from my property in Manchester. 1) The tenant still in breach of the court order and the agreement I reached with him in December 2019 to move out by March 2020. I am still unable to apply for enforcing the court order because of Covid 19 situation. I have been told that I can now apply to get him removed from my house in certain circumstances. I am waiting to hear from my solicitor who has been a way for the past two weeks. 2) I have been receiving his housing benefit for the past three months, since 22 June 2020, which is less than the rent but is better than nothing 3) He is still making exaggerated and fake claims of disrepair to the Council and the Council is just acting like a call centre for him. Finally, the Council agreed do an inspection under notice of the housing standards this week after I explained to them that the tenant is making these disrepair allegations and deliberately vandalising things in my property to justify his illegal stay in my property without paying rent as part of his plans gain the authorities support and to get council housing if he eventually got evicted by the bailiff similar to his Syrian refugee peers who, as he told me, managed to secure council housing. Unfortunately the council in Manchester is not interested to listen to my calls. 4) He refused last month to leave the house for few hours to allow for two arranged treatments of bedbugs and mice demanding hotel accommodation, as per the Pest Control Company report. Fortunately, I realised that it is his responsibility as per the tenancy agreement to combat pests and mice. Two weeks ago, he got his children's school to call me to complain that his children come to school with bedbugs bites. The school is now aware of his tricks and threatened him to report him to the Social Service. He has now arranged these services by himself, but he is asking me to take my damaged furniture by the mice and bedbugs or he will through them away. 5) My property agent withdrew his services last week as he is no longer have the time and energy to deal with such a trouble maker tenant. I don't know if another property agent will take on this job while we are in such a limbo situation. 6) He only rented my house two years ago. He has now accumulated £10,700 rent arrears since April 2019. This includes over £6000 rent arrears I already agreed to give up when I reached the settlement agreement in December 2019 to get him move out but he is still there and yet trying to inflict maximum losses by making false allegations of disrepair. 7) I reported him to the Housing Benefit for working illegally at a Cash & Carry Shop and possibly faking a disability claim for his wife, that he previously asked me to fill it in for him, which I declined. I also asked to get him to pay back his housing benefit that he might have pocketed and not paid towards his rental costs. I wish I can report his fraudulent and dishonest behaviour to other government bodies but I am not sure how and whether it would have implication on me as I do not have solid evidence. Any ideas? Please read the previous posts for more details. I am sorry for the lengthy posts but I am trying to give you maximum details in order to form insightful view of my misery with this exploitative tenant. Any ideas or thoughts from you are welcomed. Thank you very much
  3. Hello It was the 5th May 2020 since I uploaded my above post on this wonderful forum. I would like to thank all of you for your valuable thoughts and ideas to help me to find a way out of this difficult situation and pursue the eviction of this exploitative tenant. I would like also to update you on some important developments so we may all learn lessons from this terrible experience. Your thoughts and ideas on the steps that I may take to evict this tenant are again most welcome. 1) The court order that I thought was enforceable was apparently unenforceable. Two well-known solicitors firms that I approached, including Landlord Action, confirmed that the court order is only a consent order and cannot be legally enforced by the bailiff because it did not state that the eviction would be enforceable if the tenant failed to leave my property by 28 March. This is a major mistake made by my previous solicitor because he did not anticipate that this could happen and the tenant would not leave my property by 28 March. Therefore, I appointed a new solicitor, who is now claiming the fees of about £1000 from the previous solicitor for his professional malpractice. We might take our complaint to the Ombudsman for a decision. 2) The Housing Benefit Department started paying me the Housing Benefit that they pay to the tenant as of 22 June 2020, which is a bit lower than the rent amount but something is better than nothing. Thanks to the advice I received from our forum members to guide me to do so. The rent arrears stands now at over ten thousand pounds for over year of rent. I am not sure if I need to contact the Housing Benefit to deduct this money from the tenant's housing benefit as this money is a tax payer money and it is supposed to be paid to the landlord and not to take personal advantage of it. 3) My new solicitor advised that we can not apply to the court to enforce the court order before 23 August. He recommended that we agree a Deed of Surrender whilst we are waiting for the courts to resume functioning on 23rd August and to avoid further lengthy legal proceedings etc. But the tenant's solicitors said that they don't have legal aid funds to cover the case and to pay for an Arabic interpreter for the tenant. This tenant is still living in my house and has caused me a lot of pain and distress for nothing just to abuse the system to get a council house. I regret everything I did for him to help him to settle down considering he was a Syrian refugee with a family looking for housing, without asking for any reference. I told me that the other day that was applying for a disability allowance for his wife, which I doubt that it is truthful and he told me also that he was working at a grocery shop without informing the job centre. I wish I can report him but I do not have evidence. I am keen to have your ideas or thoughts on any point I made in this post. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question. Thank you all for your kind support.
  4. Thank you for your response. I realised that I had made a big mistake.Therefore, I tried to minimise my losses by reaching an agreement and giving up the rent for one year. That is what I planning to do when bailiff resume working. I will take your advice on board to rent to working people only. This person has been in this country for less than 3 years, and he is making all this mess to everyone. I fear that he is just copying what other similar people are doing and many people will such devious things in the future. I was appalled to see that the system is giving them an easy ride. While the landlord is paying a huge price, he is not losing any thing. His legal fees are paid for and he is receiving benefits, and will be rehoused if he got evicted what more could you ask for. I feel that I need to warn potential landlord from such people and get the system reformed.
  5. Thank you for your response. Indeed, it is a huge lesson and I am paying the price. I empathised with his situation as a Syrian refugee etc. This is a lesson to everyone in this forum. Unfortunately, I have now lost trust in people and I became suspicious about their intention because of the bad experience I am going through. I already approached https://www.landlordaction.co.uk/ but I ended up doing this agreement with tenant through a local solicitor office. Let's us hope that bailiff resume working to enforce the court order soon.
  6. Thank you for your response. I sustained a lot of pain and stress not to mention huge losses of rent and legal fees over the past year. Although I appointed a property agent to deal his issues but he does not cooperate with them. Instead, he goes to the council and exaggerate things to them and then they contact me or the property agent about his alleged complaints. For example, he complained about a gas leak twice over the past six week. I immediately send a gas engineering and found no gas leak. Imagine how much time and money is wasted by doing this to deal with simple issues. I just want to warn the authorities about such a tenant so he does not fool them. He has been pocketing the housing benefit that he is supposed to pay for renting my house for over a year. I do not know if I can tell the Job Centre to deduct it from his benefit, and how to do this. Do you have any idea? Thank you again.
  7. Thank you very for your response. Indeed, I have made a great mistake. I have only one house to rent, and I am also a tenant. I will consider joining https://www.landlordsguild.com/. I have a court order, which I plan to enforce by the bailiff after the Corona crisis is over. My objective from this post is to share my experience as a landlord with yourselves so no one make the mistakes I made.
  8. Hi, I would like to have your advice and opinions about dealing with an exploitative tenant. In September 2018 I regretfully rented my 3-bedroom fully renovated and furnished house in Manchester to a newly settled Syrian refugee family. I honestly sympathised with their claim that they had to quit their previous accommodation because of racial abuse and their suffer from the war in Syrian, stating that they just need a temporary accommodation until they find a cheaper place. We made a one year tenancy agreement but I did not comply with the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme as I was told that they would leave in few months. I was naive and have no previous experience. In March 2019, after numerous complaints and endless moaning about being unable to use the washing machine and the TV and breaking few furniture items, which I dealt with immediately, he stopped paying the rent, accusing me of providing a bad landlord reference to a letting agency because they decided not to let the house to him. He refused to accept that I provided a good reference and that it was not my fault that they did not let the house to him but he did not believe me. He then he said that he cannot afford paying the agreed rent as the job centre stopped paying him housing benefit, and he showed me a letter from the job centre. I reduced the rent by £200 provided that he leaves the property in three months. He then asked me to provide him with an eviction notice, and issued him a Section 21 notice through a solicitor. He then asked for an eviction notice from the court to be eligible for a Council House / Accommodation. I refused to get involved in this matter any further and I started a repossession of property procedure in July 2019, which apparently what he was after from the beginning. After 3 postponements of court hearings because the tenant did not speak English, the court eventually provided an interpreter for him. In December 2019, the tenant made a housing disrepair counterclaim, asking for compensations for his daughter's asthma and bedbugs problems, which he never complained about before. Apparently, he was entitled for Legal Aid to prepare the counterclaim so he did not pay any solicitor's fees. I was disappointed about the lengthy legal procedure and concerned about further delays and potential costs of surveys and expert fees etc. Therefore, I reached a settlement agreement with him in January 2020 and presented to the court, by which I agreed to give up all the payable rent and he agreed to leave my property by 29 March 2020. A court order to this effect was eventually issued in March 2020. Guess what! It is now May 2020 and he is still living in my property rent free and we can't enforce the court order due to the current Corona Situation. From time to time he disturbs me by disrepair complaints to the Council about gas leaks and dampness etc, which are all false. I told the Council recently that he is illegally occupying my property and that he previously threatened to destroy my house and I even provided pictures of the condition of my renovated and furnished property from inside and outside (attached) before he rented it but they don't seem bothered about it, asking me to seek a legal advice. I believe that this exploitative tenant is carefully guided on how to take advantage of the system and the kindness and naivety of people in this country benefiting from being a refugee with a family just to proof that he is eligible for a Council accommodation. As you can see, this is a very bitter experience that drained me out mentally, physically and financially, and I wish no one would ever experience. I would appreciate any enlightening and advice about what to do with this exploitative tenant. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank youAfter Refurbishment.pdf
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