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  1. We let our property through an agent; the first we knew about it was when the agent called to say that we wouldn't be getting any rent because the tenant had left. Our agent hadn't noticed the big holes in the chimney breasts where they had installed extra ventilation, nor had he noticed the big marks and damage to the walls and ceilings where they had gaffa-taped blackout/insulation over the windows. Our agent hadn't noticed the extra lighting insta;;ed in one of the rooms, nor the damage to the alarm panel where another DIY light installation had caused damage. Our agent hadn't noticed the extra (leaking) pipework in the kitchen. He was really surprised when I emailed him details and the crime number. Our agent tells me it will be six weeks or so before we can get the deposit back because of new regulations which mean we've got to assume the tenant might be in a coma in hospital and not able to communicate, this despite the damage being reported to the police and a crime number issued. Our agent then had the nerve to call me and say he'd noticed the excess on our insurance was £500, he thought he could get it 'done' for less than that. I asked him what he thought he could get 'done' for £500 because I've had a quote from a builder for £65000... Now, about the insurance company, AXA. They are proving to be an absolute nightmare - the policy covers 'malicious damage' (it is under investigation as 'criminal damage') but theres a limit of £5000 and an excess of £500; it is supposed to cover lost rent, but that too is limited (surprise, surprise) to a maximum of £1800. They are dragging their heels over even accepting the claim and I'm guessing they're looking for ways out. We won't be renewing with them, thats for sure. Between them and the agent, I'm wondering what I'm paying for.......
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