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  1. If that to be the case, when they come to view and they tell you they on bens, just inform them you have block viewings and will let them know.
  2. I know a landlord sold portfolio 32 houses and took all money abroad, fed up of councils licking tenants backsides! Social housing crisis, more people renting than ever, and landlords selling up, recipe for chaos!!! The queen and her government couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery!
  3. I will Keep it simple Tenant left property owing 1.5months rent 12months contract ends june 2020 Tenant removed kitchin, bathroom units and white goods and even laminate floors and furniture, property is completely empty. Electric meter is £70 in debt and letters from electric company are addressed to occupier. Clearly they have left without notice and neighbours and neighbouring landlord have witnessed property trashed, as they were given keys to fix a leak and keys returned to rogue tenant. Will be informing council residential officer of abandonment by tenant Is the Tenancy agreement is still live? Tenant has not returned keys Would it be illegal eviction to change the locks or re let after 30 days? Have been advised by letting agent need repo order, courts making more profit from landlords purse affecting my health and family life, ruining my last 2 week's of life. Middle class family man, drinking daily as i cant handle the stress levels. Maybe i shouldn't be a landlord some of you may say, but I've worked hard all my life, it's extra income which i use to help homeless people and ever growing expenses for my children.
  4. YouTube council tax john Harris All council tax summons are fake Liability orders are fake Debt collectors buy the debt, put your vehicles on H.P they can't touch them and don't answer the door.
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