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  1. This is the problem the tenants/lodgers say they are not exclude d but have an AST as i was on holiday when they moved in ! I would like them out but dont want to illegally evict them if they are right
  2. Thanks for advice. I dont really want to kick anyone out on street but tje fact they wont communicate wont give me access to make essential repairs nor acknowledge my offer of an alternative equally as nice bedroom until they have found somewhere is just crazy. Seems stupid that i have to change locks which not my style i would prefer to resolve this another way . Can i force them to move into the alternative room in order to at least fix the leak in en suite ? And fit carpet .. i really dont want to change locks but seems like its my only option
  3. Thankyou for advice seems quite clear
  4. The property is my main residence and i am living there now but i was on holiday when they moved in This is the dilema they say as i wasnt there its an AST snd wont leave . My kind of step daughter was living in fllat and was shsring kitchen witj them and gave them keys to move in . Shes gone travelling now so is not there . I only rented the room short term . It waa always a short let . The issue is can louise be the person who let the room ? Making thek lodgers? Also i have to do emergency repair s to their em suite tomorrow. I have ordered them rent free alternative ensuite room next doot over 5 days ago they havent replied. Its just mad they only moved in for 2 months I am having to live with them in my home horrible
  5. They are saying as i waa on holiday when keys were given to them i was effectively live out landlord when they loved in so therefore they had a verbal AST when they moved in as one of my other tenants gave them keyd
  6. Hi i have what i thought were 2 lodgers a couple from greece. We always agreed they eould vacate room end of january they will have lived in flat for total of 3 months. They aren now claiming they are tenants as i was on holiday when they moved in ! I have a serious leak in their en suite which i have to fix . I have offered them an alternative room rent free as long as they leave as agreed on 1 feb. They are now refusing to cooperate saying as they have ast they can live in room for 3 more months. I am selling flat and have a buyer which they were aware of when they moved in ! Help how can i get them at least into the alternative bedroom and then out ASAP Am i screwed?
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