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  1. Hiya all was wondering could someone give me advice, I have aTenant in my property, I told the tenant I will not be renewing the lease, which ends on the 7/9/19, the tenant said they will not be paying anymore rent, which up to now is a few days of three months, I contacted a solicitor, who has got back to me today and said that I have less than a 51% chance of winning, as the s8 I sent the Tenant could claim x3 of the deposit back because it wasn’t protected , I have given the tenant the deposit back into there bank account over a month ago, also the s21 is invalid because I didn’t protect the deposit. I am not renewing the lease, so obviously it will go periodic, what can I do to get the tenant to leave. The tenant is neglecting the property and it is going to cost thousands to put right. The tenant has been to the council saying I am harassing them and have threatened to change the locks which I haven’t, I have had no contact with the tenant in the last two months.
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