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  1. thanks Unless she has changed the tenant does not have 2 beans to rub together and I don't know where she lives so the small claims court is a good option but under the circumstances it is not one that I am likely to take. If I can't get an agreement to pay the deposit back to me through the court or by agreement with the tenant surely the dps can not hold the deposit indefinitely?
  2. thanks not really a back storey to this. The tenant did a runner I found out when a council tax bill landed on my doorstep so I just calculated the rent account up to the day my council tax liability started. The tenant owed so much rent and the deposit was not a great amount the end date for the tenancy was just a straight forward date. I have done some more research and it appears that if the tenant objects to the stat dec the dps need to send me a summary of the tenants reply so I have the opportunity to comment on it. The dps have not provided me with this
  3. I sent in a stat dec to the dps with a rent statement, the dps accepted the stat dec. The rent arrears were over and above the deposit amount of £240.00. The dps will not pay it back because the tenant has objected to it. The dps suggest either I take the matter to court for a judgement or try and agree things with the tenant. The court will cost circa £300 so it is not worth it and I have no idea how to contact the tenant. I have asked the dps for the evidence the tenant has provided to show why I should not get the deposit back. The dps replied that I should get my own legal advice - more costs to me Anyone got any practical suggestions on how I can get my deposit back
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