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  1. Thanks for responding. All that you described was supposed to have been undertaken by the letting agent. Another example of where they let us down. We think we've sorted out what went wrong. We have legal cover so we've been able to get legal advice. Our letting agent had a duty to inform the council, they did not do this. The council sent letters to the rental property which the tenants must have discarded, or maybe passed on to our useless agents. As such we've paid the invoice from the collection agency and will be taking action against the agents. So glad we took the legal insurance out now. Expensive lesson to learn. Monday we contact that council and let them know the house has been vacant for two months, more cost but at least we shouldn't get any more nasty surprises!
  2. New developments! We have today received an enforcement notice for unpaid council tax at the property. Despite being able to prove that we had tenants in during that period, no-one will listen. It looks like we are going to have to pay their debts. I don't suppose anyone has been in this position before and can advise? Thanks. By the way, we recently took your advice on the letting agent and sacked them off in favour of a much bigger and well known agents. Also if all goes well we will have new tenants moving in at the end of October and hopefully this nightmare will be over.
  3. We are just 'noobs'! clearly there's value in seeking advice from more established landlords. Thanks for the good wishes
  4. Hi, We do vet the prospective tenants as do our agents using all the usual channels. These particular people indicated that they intended to stay long term and after meeting them appeared to be decent working people. We've only been doing this three years, and our previous tenants did leave the place in decent condition. I guess that being able to spot the right people is down to experience more than anything.
  5. Thank you for your efforts, I appreciate the response. We do have a detailed inventory in terms of photographs, the agents also have an inventory, so proving it was in better condition 'shouldn't' be too difficult. As you mention later there is a sweeping statement from our agents with regard to whether or not we will get to keep any of the deposit for repairs which has left us a little insecure and led to us spending our weekends attempting to clean up ourselves. I think the agents are a little embarrassed that they didn't spot all the damage we have found. I think we missed a beat letting them decorate. In future we will very much follow your advise on ensuring certain safeguards are met. And I think you are right in the implication elsewhere that the agents have let us down. They should have better considered the implications of letting the tenants decorate as should we. As for the water damage, there was a leak that we had fixed, however at that time we didn't see any of the damage that's there now. The hinge on the door is so rusty that it looks as if been submerged for a while. We had a leak at home recently that didn't cause anything approaching that amount of damage. Yes, the fish tank thing is going to be awkward, they didn't seek permission for it, but there's an argument to say perhaps the flooring there was weakened anyway. I'm pretty sure that the cracks on the floorboards indicate some sort of trauma though. Our yield? We seem to bring in about £150 a month, but we leave it in the account for repairs, ultimately after 3 years I couldn't say we've profited at all as any repairs are fixed as soon as we are aware of them. We are insured for everything we can think of, the taxman takes his cut, the agents theirs so not exactly profitable!
  6. Hi there. I was hoping someone with more experience could give us some advice on a number of issues that we faced with our ex tenants. We are landlords out of necessity being unable to sell our old house. When they left the property there were a number of issues. The general condition was grubby, they had redecorated (We agreed to this because they had indicated that they'd wished to stay long term, they only stayed a month or so after decorating). The quality of the decorating was appalling and their choices were to say the least unique! There's paint everywhere including the carpets. Damage to the property includes, but is definitely not limited to, Serious water damage to the cupboard under the sink which will need to be replaced, damage to plastic edging in the conservatory, one of the walls in a bedroom has what appears to have been holes knocked into the plaster and badly repaired and for some reason they have moved the curtain rail from the wall onto the wooden edging above the window which is now coming away. All the lampshades we left are smashed up and there are two doors where they have taken the door handles off. The worst thing is that they had a very large fish tank in the front room and now the flooring underneath has dropped and the floorboards cracked. This is looking like it will turn into an expensive repair. Obviously we took a deposit which is held by a third party and we are attempting to keep, but our letting agent tells us that usually these people rule in favour of the tenant, so not to get our hopes up. They left a number of pond store quality lampshades to make up for the proper ones that they destroyed, but surely these replacements should be like for like? Anyway the agents say that because they replaced what they broke we can't claim for them. Turns out insurance wasn't worth anything! Not a massive surprise that! And to add insult to injury, the tenants moved a few doors up and each time someone comes to look at the property they come out and tell them what terrible landlords we are (As revenge for trying to hold onto their deposit). I'm writing this after spending our second weekend redecorating and repairing damage to the property. Hopefully, barring the cupboard under the sink and the damaged floor we will have something that people will want to rent. What do we do in this situation?, isn't there any way to get some redress?, How do we avoid this in the future?. How do you actually make money in this game?!!!! After looking after our tenants with electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, we have been left with nothing in the pot. Thanks for reading, any advise and insight would be appreciated.
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