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  1. Seems not all lenders are going to be passing this on, at least not straight away - what's the scale of this?
  2. http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life...icle3327954.ece ...what Knight Frank consider to be the top 20 fail-safe places for property investment in Britain. The top five being: Cambridge York Oxford Milton Keynes Guilford Judging from the readers comments below it’s quite a contentious list!
  3. FYI - from a few days back, but another interesting article from Reuters: Housing market 2008 -- what the experts predict
  4. From what I've picked up along the way the immigrant rental situation sounds in fairly good health - eg: from Homes Abroad
  5. Well said that man! I realise it's a case of 'you would say that', but getting I'm fed up of over zealous doom mongering, some almost seem to take a spiteful pleasure in it, but those types rarely have the commercial fortitude to see the bigger picture and make the serious money!
  6. Well.... It may well slow down, level off, decline for a while, it may not, and I wouldn't trust that Meg anyway, but i don't see it 'crashing' too dramtically. So can you afford to ride out for a while if it does? If so then keep it as in investment, you'll make far more than the current equity in the long term...
  7. Bloody typical! My own boiler blew just before Christmas! Repaired/blew again/repaired/blew again/repaired... turned out to be some obscure pump issue... fingers crossed... Was miserably chilly for a while ... Anyway, Happy New Year (Humbug!)
  8. It's clearly a tricky time at the mo and a reality check for some, but looking at the bigger picture there has always been peaks and troughs, and always will be. As long as you have an intelligent approach, sound advice, sturdy due diligence and a mid-long term view, property will remain the most tenacious of investments. Most of the folk here don't seem to be panicking and I'd have to agree, just ride it out if at all possible - One thing I can say for certain, we have no intention of pulling out!
  9. coz you'll end up with a bunch of death traps in the form of some horrific water feature, a six foot cactus and 'crazy' decking!!
  10. Good to see the positivity out there (and the odd vulture!) What about the rest of you 'lords!?
  11. According to a new survey commisioned by EBS Building Society and Gunne Residential, the vast majority, or 93%, of buy-to-let investors have no intention of selling their property and more than half are looking to buy more rental units. It also found that only 5% of those surveyed said that they expect that the number of properties that they own will decrease in the next five years, while 93% of buy-to-let investors intend to maintain their portfolio over the same period…
  12. paul99


    hide a recording of spooky piano music on a timer in it and tell them it's haunted...
  13. paul99


    Suggest wear and tear requires it to be tuned once a year, which cost will naturally come out of their deposit!!! (bad Paul, bad Paul!!)
  14. paul99


    I do understand the point, and maybe some sort of gesture could be agreed, but it still seems a bit screwy, particularly in this case where the tennant isn't an enthusiast, and is just 'fond', and her sister 'occasionally' likes to play it!!
  15. I once had a dippy old landlord that didn't get the difference between month and calendar month - quoting weekly rent at £40 and charging just 4 times that per month! Careful Carol!!
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