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  1. Hi OK, I like the agreement by both parties option as I think he will be fine with it and as he has been in for so long he might even want to buy it. My worry was having to comply with legislation if simply an agreement is OK. He has been in there so long that he has not had to have an EPC, a How to Rent Guide and the deposit is not protected. I have always had a good relationship with him and intend to return his deposit in full. Of course, as per his tenancy i will give him 2 months notice. Thank you so much for your reply.
  2. Hi Thank you for your reply. Can't an AST be terminated without issuing an S21?
  3. Hi I feel as though I have been going around in circles trying to find the best way to do this so any advice would be very welcome. thank you. My tenant has been in the flat since 2001. After the first 6 months the agreement became a periodic rolling type of agreement. He has ben a great tenant and always paid on time. The agreement was set up by agents and then I took over the running of it several years ago and got the deposit back from them. The deposit has not been protected as it has not needed to be. I now want to end the tenancy. Can I just write to him giving him notice as as far as I can see his tenancy pre-dates all current legislation. I don't expect there to be any problems from him but just want to be sure that I can give him notice in this way. Thank you
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