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  1. Hi, I am going to rent my house to a friend's daughter. I would like to manage the rent myself. However, I want to learn about what is required of me in the first instance and I will be downloading the tenancy agreement on Residential Landlord. I have read a very small amount of information and decided to stop and ask the question on here. I understand I need a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, but the tenant is responsible for replacing batteries and testing. I would like to get the hose checked and inspected prior to the letting. Who would do this and what would they do. Would this include a gas safety check. I wasn't going to take a deposit. Is this ok? I have read that you have to take one and keep in a guarantee scheme? She is moving in and doing up at the same time, but at my cost. I will be knocking the costing off the rent. I am doing the upgrade with her as well. Basically, what do I need, based on my information My house is in Blackpool, Lancashire Are there any specific Blackpool area requirements? Landlord Insurance? The house will be part furnished. How does this work. I read that if you provide it, you have to replace it, if damaged, or just wear and tear All advice will be much appreciated Thanks Julie
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