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  1. Hi all, I have a tenant that renewed his TA. In it there is a clause that says she cannot give notice if 6 months from signing pass. She forgot that clause (she said) and gave me notice 3 months in. I said that she needs to wait for the 6 months to pass and then she can leave, or pay rent for those 6 months. She is pushing me to leave in 2 months time. Thoughts? Obvioulsy I am worried that I may not find someone in 2 months under this climate. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have a question ... next door neighbour told my tenant that they will be doing refurb into their house and that they will come in contact with the party wall where 3-4 bolts will be drilled into the wall. The works will take 8-10 weeks. My tenants work from home and are not happy with those works happening. Also my tenants are worried about the work that will happen into the party wall and I am too! Any advice please? Can I stop my neighbour from drilling into the party wall? Thanks
  3. Hi all Does anyone manage a property that is not very close to where they live? How do they go about it? I.e. do you have a list of tradesmen and if something goes wrong you contact them to go and have a look at the problem? Also when the tenant leaves, I assume you get a check out clerk to do the inventory and do you arrange further cleaning with a cleaner if required? Where do you leave all the keys for the new tenants if for example the previous ones have lost some? Many thanks
  4. Hi all, The estate agency I am dealing with told me the following: We require all properties to undergo a check on wiring and major appliances every five years plus annual PAT testing on small appliances plugs and sockets. Is the above a legal requirement? Many thanks
  5. Hi all. My tenants keep blocking the toilets and drains. We hired a company that cleaned the drains. When it happened again the estate agency suggested that we put a clause in the tenancy agreement that if they block the system again they will have to deal with it. They blocked one of the toilets, we hired a company who unblocked it and they found out that the tenants have flushed tampons, sanitary towels and wet wipes which is what caused the blocking and stated in the tenancy agreement that they should not be flushing it down the toilet. We bought them drain hole covers for the showers and kitchen but during the last inspection it was found that they removed them and there was a ton of food visible at the kitchen drains and hair down the showers. Now they contacted us again saying that they have to use drain cleaners every week and that the bathrooms smell of sewage in the morning. Is the responsibility for fixing this ours or theirs? Thank you
  6. Hi all My very difficult tenant is finally leaving. I asked him for a copy of the closing statements for the utilities but he is refusing to give them to me. How do I ensure he has paid all the bills before I release the deposit? Thank you
  7. Hi all My tenant wants to have the check in a day after his contract starts. Is that possible? I would think not cause at the day where the contract starts the electricity measurements have to be taken right? Can the check in clerk do the inventory without the tenant ? Many thanks
  8. That;s a brilliant idea! thanks so much
  9. Hi all Can I please check, when you do the check out report via an inventory clerk and they find that there are discrepancies from the check in report, is the clerk the person that will advise how much the damages are? If not who can advise? thank you
  10. Hi all Can you please advise if by law I have to give a landlord reference ? The estate agency of my tenant called me for one. Now because my existing tenant was the worst I ever had, I don;t really want to give one. Thoughts?
  11. Well not really. I have already purchased my rent guarantee insurance. They dont have a list of companies that they prefer, they said that as long as the company that does t he refrencing is a licensed one, then they are OK with that.
  12. Hi all I am a landlord and found a new tenant via a colleague. Which credit reference agency shall I use please? Initially I was looking at open rent but then found some bad reviews. I would like a comprehensive reference to be done to ensure that all is OK and that if any problems my rent guarantee insurance will accept the referencing. Thanks very much
  13. Thanks very much all for your responses. The tenant in question earns 160k a year!! And he has been the worse tenant I have ever had...!!!
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