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  1. Update spoke to Adrian and he has put me on the right track its nice to have someone one your side thanks again
  2. I have signed up with the landlord guild hope I get some good advice thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice I will look at this company for advice Can they do it by phone or Internet or do you have to be local to the company does anybody know any more thanks again
  4. Just an update we submitted the deed of surrender to the council they said they have never seen one of these before (took over 2 weeks to let us know) he went to the council they told him because he has paid a bit of rent while daughter in hospital that they think That makes him a tenant ? if that is so then we are going to go down the section 21 but how does it work for the rent owed that should make him libel then as a tenant what is is the shortest time to get him out he stopped paying rent Nov 8 it feels like we are never going to get this man out
  5. Thanks I will let you know what happens
  6. Happy new year to all on here thanks for the advice
  7. The one I'm using is from gov web site form 6a notice seeking possesssion of a property let on an assured shorthold tenancy
  8. Tried to get on the site but link sends to domain thanks
  9. If I went down the section 21 route has anybody got a link or anything to a good one to download what will stand up in court or would any do ? thanks
  10. Thanks for all this advice I hope it's helping other people who are reading these posts although I don't think most people would be in a situation like this but might be able to pick out bits they need thanks
  11. Sounds like some good advice there i think I can remember my daughter serving a section 21 awhile ago ? What about informing him of this ? how does that work thanks
  12. That's what I thought it said to install a grade D LD3 electrically operated fire detection system with interlinked smoke alarm in accordance with BS 5839-6 the property was built about 1950s
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