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  1. DSS Tenants: I never had a problem in having DSS tenants but one of the reasons you see "No DSS" on adverts for letting is that some insurance companies won't allow them. Please be aware that if you are paid HB direct from DSS if the tenant fails to disclose a change of circumstances the DSS will claim monies back from the landlord and NOT the tenant.
  2. If a tenant removes a landlord's possessions, in this case fridge freezer and washing machine why cannot the police arrest them for theft. It also amazes me that a tenant can trash a property (smash bathroom and kitchen fittings etc) and the police cannot arrest them for criminal damage.
  3. Many thanks for replying to my topic. As I now understand it I have to give notice before the rent due date. We have now issued another Section 21 together with a Section 8. This tenant is now 4 months in arrears. We are at the very least hoping that she will bring her arrears to below 2 months, thereby invalidating the Section 8.
  4. I am at a loss to fully understand the correct dates for a Section 21. Rent date is 9th of the month. Went to court after tenant refused to move out owing 3 months rent. Section 21 dates were: Section 21 dated 11th September 2015- date of expiry of notice 10th November 2015. Possession sought after expiry of notice. Where did we go wrong?
  5. Sorry was not aware of "hijack" just wanted to point out that we had thought 2 months to be 11th September till 10 November.
  6. Yes you can issue a Section 8 and Section 21 at the same time. We have done this today. When our tenant was 3 months behind with rent she paid enough to reduce her arrears below the two months required on the Section 8 but at least we did get some monies. However, we took her to court under the Section 21. Court case was on Friday 1st April. Date of Section 21 - 11th September to expire after 10th November. The judge did not like the dates and said "we were rushing her" Bearing in mind that she has not paid any rent since November. HE FOUND IN HER FAVOUR. We just hope that the Section 8 which we have submitted to the court will spur her to make some payment.
  7. Thought you might be interested. Our tenant had paid no rent since September. Served Section 21 and finally got to court 1st April. Date rent due 9th of month. Section 21 dated 11th September 2015 . Date of expiry of notice 10th November. Judge did not like the dates on the notice and asked "what is your hurry." Our solicitor tried to challenge him but he said "I find for the client." He actually called the tenant "client." The Section 21 did state "After the expiry of the notice." So there you have it arrears of 6 months and the judge allows her to remain.
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