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  1. So sorry my dislexia has upset you that much you feel the need to point it out to me.i will ask someone to check my spelling before I reply. First lodger , understand too close, I will back off. I know about the job applications as they have asked question on their applications, this is called normal communication in my house between my young and older child with the lodger. no technical lodger agreement so no rights, they know this , I can ask them to leave at anytime without notice, again they know this. Had a Job interview, got the Job, housing BENEFIT form processing as I'm typing. Thank you for your advise and own personal experiences, Being a residential Landlord is rewarding I've found in the time they have been here, knowing I have helped someone who would of otherwise been homeless due to a breakdown in their relationship. If I decide to do this again I would be more prepared now knowing the Law and pit falls which go with it.
  2. I'm certainly not aiming to manage her life! I've never rented out a room before and she has never been out of work before. I thought this forum was for advise not criticism? so it's new for her as well as me. No guarantor, I can ask her to leave tomorrow as she's now a week behind on her rent, but I'm willing to give her another week .
  3. She has applied for 12 jobs in two weeks, Richlist. Still waiting on replies from all. Now behind on rent by one week.
  4. Hi my lodger has now Become unemployed, can she claim housing benifit? 22 years old. U.K. From birth.
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