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  1. None from your list, though I have had to get cleaners in to give the place a scrub which is then deducted from the deposit.
  2. Oh I see, well it's multiple jobs over years. On various occasions I had concerns that prices were too high, that contractors were being sent around for the slightest thing, and that I could never manage to get full answers to my questions. It's somewhat problematic for me to get involved in day to day stuff but following a recent tenant change we needed a lot of work doing so I did get involved. I found that I could get better work much cheaper and much quicker. Over the years I've paid over the odds for many jobs and now I know why.
  3. yes I pay a management fee each month
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies. My situation is that my letting agent has been charging a fee to any contractors who they instructed to do work on my property. I had no clue they did this, it's not in our agreement unless it's hiding, I don't know how much the fee was. I got invoiced by the contractor directly and I just discovered that the contractor pays a fee to the letting agent. I only found out when a contractor told me he'd been asked to pay a fee and preferred not to.
  5. Guys - is it regular practice for letting agents who are managing your properties, to only use contractors who pay them a fee. This fee being additional to the fee you pay them for the actual work? Thanks for any input.
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