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  1. Thank you. What is Section 24? Where can I find it? Maybe, you can link me to it? Thank you.
  2. Thank you. We are not selling. We have bought the property.
  3. Are you talking about Capital Gains Tax when we sell the flat ? ....... I was talking about personal income tax ...... can we put the Stamp duty against our personal tax for the year ? And you couldn't share a link to read up on it? Thank you.
  4. Hi. We purchased buy to let property with a small 5 year mortgage. 1. We paid 3% stamp duty on the sale (£4000). Can it be put against tax? 2. Can we put the mortgage repayments against tax because we heard from our mortgage broker that tax relief is fazed out gradually, and we can put 25% against tax in the first year. Thank you.
  5. Hi, tenants left, and the flat was empty for a week. Now we have to pay council tax for this period. Can we put it against our tax?
  6. Hi, forum. URGENT! Maybe, somebody versed in law can help.Basement lock-up area is designated for leaving rubbish in wheelie-bins provided.They are full and bin bags are left on the floor everywhere, and the number is increasing (about 60 bags on the floor only). This problem was going on for at least a year, and we called and emailed our management company repeatedly as well as at least one more LL(gives empty promises just to get us off the phone). The same with Bristol City Council. They are just blaming one another.. It's a private block of 10 flats over 3 floors. Rubbish problem is ongoing, and the stench goes up to the top floor. One of our tenants (we rent two flats in the block and all other flats are rented out as well) couldn't sleep because for three nights they were hearing grinding noises and squeaking under the floor boards. UPDATE: our tenants are leaving (v.good T of 7+ years).Rubbish is collected by Bristol City Council, that contracts it out to private firms. Private firms, apparently, have 45 seconds for every property and what they don't had time to collect, they leave. Hence accumulation of rubbish. We logged a complaint with environmental health yesterday. Running like headless chickens, trying to contact other landlords, twice put letters through the doors describing the problem and with our phone nr - only one person called.What can be done to enforce our rights for rubbish-free house? Another tenant heard the scratching and squeaking and she is afraid. Again, she gave us his phone nr of her LL but he didn't pick the phone and never replied to a message left. I think he lives abroad. Another landlord thinks that H-s are a still a good management company and doesn't see a problem to replace T if the old one leaves.I guess he's just thick. Please help.
  7. Hi, tenancy agreement from 25/04/2016 for 6 months (So, post Oct 2015). Is it some form called 6(a)? Where do I find it? Can't see it anywhere on the net. Thank you.
  8. Thanks, Richlist. Very clear.
  9. Thanks. I am talking about 2015-2016. Will it be too late to register it now? Can we apply for beneficial ownership if we bought the flats while already married? Is it possible to do it without a solicitor at all?
  10. Hi, we're a couple with joint ownership on our properties. I don't work anymore but my partner does. Does it mean that the calculated tax figure is halved between us, so that my partner pays tax on half of our profit or my tax allowance is used up first, and then we pay tax on what remains? Thank you.
  11. Thank you (: Very informative forum and old hands are always willing to help. It's nice of you all. Good day.
  12. My T Agreement's Terms and Conditions say the following: If at any time any part of the Rent is outstanding 21 days after it's due (whether formally demanded or not), the Landlord may recover possession of the property and this contract will come to an end. Is it what you mean? It seems to allow to use ground 8 in the fixed term, right?
  13. I was told that the ground that matters is ground 8. Where do I find if my tenancy agreement allow that ground to be used in the fixed term?
  14. Do you mean filling S8 online and printing it out? Or starting court procedure and paying the fee online? Could you give a link? Can't find it. I know I sound helpless, but if you just direct me to where to read on it, I'll go on from there.
  15. Yes, all signed, all done. I am looking at S8 grounds. Am I right in that Grounds 8(b) - monthly rent and 10a) - rent is unpaid on the date on which the proceedings for possession are begun. Does ground 11 apply (persistently delayed paying rent) in case of two months' non-payment? Also, I have never served S8, only S21. Where can I read on the procedure, necessary documents? If anybody could direct me or just briefly say what documents are needed and how much? Am I right that we can start court procedures in two weeks after serving S8, if only the above mentioned grounds apply? Thanks so much for your help.
  16. I thought I said already. yes, we signed a new T agreement. T didn't pay for May only. Thank you for your reply.
  17. !. England 2.yes, with DPS 3. 27/03/2016 for 6 month 4.27/08/15
  18. Hello, our T hasn't paid a month's rent, and now the second month's rent time is coming. It's very alarming that she never contacted us about it, and only replies with different excuses and sets new payment days (lies) when we contact her. My questions are: can we serve a notice when the second payment is missed (in a few days) or we have to wait two months to pass without payment? She has been in the flat almost 8 months but a month ago we increased rent by £25 and wrote out a new tenancy agreement (she agreed that Landlord tax imposed on us, warrants this move and said she's aware that she still gets a good deal, which she does). Is it S 21 or 8 we serve? If it goes to court, do we use both T agreements? Thank you.
  19. Also, you can see that they're using the oven as a cupboard, they keep stuff in there, if it makes any difference.
  20. Hello, we just received a message from our tenants, who describe how the oven got damaged and supplied the picture (I'll try to attach it). We are now arguing with my hubby about whose fault is this and who is responsible for repairs - T or L. Also, is it possible to repair ( replace the door? and who does it?) or the whole cooker needs to be replaced? Thanks for your advice. Here is the message from the tenant. Hello, LANDLORD's NAME. I got bad news. Anna wanted to use the cooker and then the screw from the handle fell down on the bottom, blocked the opening, she tried to get that screw out but she pulled the opening too hard and the glass just snapped all over the floor. Luckily Anna is not hurt in any way, but the cooker looks like this (SEE PIC BELOW, BASICALLY, GLASS DOOR IS BROKEN). Now I'm not home to take a look at it, but I don't think we can do anything with it, as I don't think that they fit glass And I don't think it is safe to use it now. We will be home all the time until we leave for our holidays Sunday, so please come to us, whenever you can to take a look at the cooker and find a way to resolve this problem Sorry for trouble. ANNA's HUSBAND
  21. Thank you. No, this is a good area of St. George. It does border a problem area of Easton, but so do other good areas. I wonder if they just need to bring in some extra money. Thanks again.
  22. Hi, if a Discretionary Licensing Scheme was introduced in an area were a landlord has a flat what would this mean for the landlord. Any advise most welcome. Is it spreading fast now? Does anyone pay it? £1000 is a whole lot of money.
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