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  1. Dear Sir, To answer your queries: First of all, to correct you we do not have to be registered with FCA as we are not an insurance company or are not selling you an insurance product. I would suggest that you relay to the FCA guidelines. Secondly, we are an established firm guaranteeing rent on properties nationally. Our company is liable to pay you rent on a monthly basis as stated and as per the contract that will be drawn up between us and yourself. Our guarantee rent scheme gives our landlords absolute peace of mind, and takes over the complete management of the property and at the same time paying you rent on a guaranteed monthly basis. How many times will you as a landlord come accross a tenant that can not pay you rent on time, or even at all due to loss of jobs, benefit cuts/caps, suspended/cancelled housing benefit claims etc? I would say that it is something landlords come across many, many times, which leaves them to struggle with their mortgage payments, however our guaranteed rent scheme is being offered as a soloution to this matter. Thirdly, you state that as a landlord you lose contol of who is living in your property. We occupy families suitable for the property size, as we have many types of contracts tha guarantees us rent from different schemes that we work with including the local authorities, therefore our rent is guaranteed, hence why we are financially able to guarantee your rent. You as a landlord would advertise your property for example in the local paper, gumtree etc. You would get a call from a potential tenant, you let them view, they are interested, you think they seem decent and do references on the tenant and as long as their references check out you ill grant them a tenancy. Their references might check out today, but what if they lose their job tomorrow? what if they are no longer entitled to housing benefit tomorroe? what if they just cannot afford to pay you rent any more financially? You will be lumbered with a tenant, not being able to pay you rent and having no other option but to evict through the courts by serving the appropriate notices, applying for possssion order and then bailiff order. These orders take months to obtain and throughout that time you have to pay your own mortgage, plus solicitor and court fees, and plus you have a tenant in your property not paying you rent. However we pay landlords guaranteed rent as we are guaranteed our rent by the local authority and other sources in which we have sources contracts from by being constant suppliers of properties to these schemes. Landlords cannot be paid guaranteed rent by the local authority and the only way they can do this is if they lease the property to the council on a long term basis and be paid circa 60% of the market rent. Fourthly re: contracts. Yes you are right that it cannot be an AST, however there will be a company agreement (as stated in my previous answer) between us as the company tenant and you as our landlord. Our contracts are in depth and state all that you need to know and once both parties agree they are signed. To put the landlord's mind at ease we pay 3-5 months rent in advance from the beginning once sign up has been completed. Finally even though other companies that provide guaranteed rent offer lower rates to the landlord we DO NOT. Depending on the size of the property, location, condition etc. we pay circa 85-90% of the market value GUARANTEED RENT. Though our landlords will be receiving 10-15% of the market value they have their peace of mind that their property/ies, are being looked after, in safe hands and they do not need to take the hassle of casing for their rent or even aving the thought in their mind throught the month as to whether they will be receiving their rent next month. Whatver we offer as rent to the landlord is what they receive, they will not be receiving any percentage lower as the 10-15% that we take as our margin includes, the rent being guaranteed, full management of the property, covering maintenance issues etc. Our service is unique and we assure that no other can match. Let me know if you have any further queries. Regards, Khaalid Mohamed
  2. Dear Sir, There will be a company agreement between you (as the landlord) and us as your tenant. The agreement will state clearly everything you need to know. With our tenant, there will then be a tenancy agreement between us (lessor) and our tenant (lessee). Thanks
  3. Dear Sir, The rent is guaranteed by our company personally. We have a portoflio of properties that we guarantee on and we always try to add to our portfolio. You rent is alway paid by BACs direct to your account on a monthly basis in advance. As well as being your tenant we are also manage the property for you at no cost. We have contracts with families globally who we occupy into our portofolio of properties. The beauty about this service is that you have no direct dealings with tenants, and you don't take any stress or hassle with regards to the property. You are only expected to sit back, relax and enjoy your monthly income. Your property is inspected on a monthly basis and full photographic reports are issued to you by us. If at any point you wanted to inspect your property we can always carry out a mutual inspection with you and one of our representaives will accompany you. Thanks
  4. Dear All Landlords, We are Prestige Guaranteed Rentals, and are offering a new Guaranteed Rent service paying you 3 months rent in advance. This unique service is available to all landlords nationwide, and we are in need of houses or flats. Our Guaranteed Rent service will pay you Guaranteed Rent from the moment of sign up and you will not have to deal with the stress of rent arrears, no void perios, no tenant eviction stress and BELIEVE IT OR NOT NO MAINTENANCE TO DEAL WITH AS WE TAKE CARE OF IT ALL. Interested? If you have a property available that is ready to be let out or even due to come up, you can contact us. Even if you a tenant that is giving you hassle, we can carry out a FREE TENANT EVICTION SERVICE, enabling you to land on our comfortable and relaxing GUARANTEED RENT SCHEME WITH 3 MONTHS RENT IN ADVANCE. Regards, Khaalid Mohamed
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