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  1. Can anyone tell me how I can repossess my property if I decide to sell it after they have abolished section 21
  2. Just have a fitted kitchen installed in a rental property before I could let it before there were just shelves on the wall Is that capital expenditure deductible against CGT when I sell the property or repairs
  3. Are you sure? that's worth knowing
  4. Has anyone got the detail yet Suppose I want to sell my property What then
  5. I thought that your not allowed to raise rents more than a certain percentage each year but maybe I'm wrong correct me if I am wrong
  6. Can't raise rents they are capped or soon will be
  7. Actually better if the public school boys and girls with a degree in history and geography that are supposed to be running this country do nothing Better if they run and hide like the spineless cameron
  8. I've got a good idea why don't the so called government do something to help the BTL and rental business instead of trying to destroy it, that would increase the amount of properties for rent and as a result lower rent and reduce the homeless
  9. Does that mean if someone moves abroad rents out their house then decided to return to the UK they will never be able to get their house back
  10. Being cheated by the agent as usual
  11. As I understand it the agent is also acting as stake holders in respect of the deposit paid by the tenant I don't know if this makes any difference as I read custodial and insurance protected deposit there is no need to re-register Is there any other type of TDP in operation
  12. No Grampa it's full management service they told me the fee is for the registering the deposit and administration charge
  13. Hi my letting agent did an AST when my tenant moved in cost 100 pounds now the AST has expired And the agent has suggested letting it continue as a periodic tenancy but wants to charge me 50 pounds for a periodic tenancy Is it normal for agents to charge for this as there is no work in a periodic tenancy it just continues
  14. kanrent


    Hi my tenant claims there is a mouse infestation so I need to call pest control, Can anyone give me an idea of what I can expect to pay for a call out for this service
  15. What date was the electrical test made mandatory. I had one of my properties completly rewired about 8 years ago can anyone tell me when a new test will be required
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