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  1. kanrent

    AST and letting agent

    Being cheated by the agent as usual
  2. kanrent

    AST and letting agent

    As I understand it the agent is also acting as stake holders in respect of the deposit paid by the tenant I don't know if this makes any difference as I read custodial and insurance protected deposit there is no need to re-register Is there any other type of TDP in operation
  3. kanrent

    AST and letting agent

    No Grampa it's full management service they told me the fee is for the registering the deposit and administration charge
  4. kanrent

    AST and letting agent

    Hi my letting agent did an AST when my tenant moved in cost 100 pounds now the AST has expired And the agent has suggested letting it continue as a periodic tenancy but wants to charge me 50 pounds for a periodic tenancy Is it normal for agents to charge for this as there is no work in a periodic tenancy it just continues
  5. kanrent


    Hi my tenant claims there is a mouse infestation so I need to call pest control, Can anyone give me an idea of what I can expect to pay for a call out for this service
  6. What date was the electrical test made mandatory. I had one of my properties completly rewired about 8 years ago can anyone tell me when a new test will be required
  7. kanrent

    Rent Guarantee

    I would be interested to know who your agent is in been getting many problems with mine
  8. kanrent

    Happy New Year 2018

    They may introduce a how to let booklet same as the tenant gets a how to rent booklet And labour has pledged to make it more difficult to remove tenants, could be living in your house a long time rent free, i guess it saves the government housing the homeless
  9. kanrent

    New Gas boiler tax relief

    I think this has been mentioned before but I can't find it Just had to have a new gas boiler in one of my properties what if any tax relief can I claim
  10. kanrent

    Council tax budget

    The full council tax for my property is 180 pounds a month there is a 25 percent discount for single person living there, if the property is empty between tenants I still pay the full 180 pounds a month no discount for empty property. Can anyone tell me what it will be now the government is proposing a 100 percent penalty on empty properties will it double to 360 pounds a month whilst empty, or did I misunderstand.
  11. kanrent

    New carpet tax relief

    The property has previously been rented for many years there was never a carpet It has now been carpeted and new tenants have moved in How do I stand on this ?
  12. kanrent

    New carpet tax relief

    I had to carpet the up stairs and stair carpet in one of my properties I think this is not tax deductible but could I claim the cost anywhere else such as capital expenditures
  13. kanrent

    New court form for s21 evictions

    More regulations to make it more difficult to remove bad tenants and get your property back. The government won't be happy until they have forced landlords to allow tenants to live in their properties rent free, that's the direction they are going in
  14. kanrent

    early eviction

    Hi i have just put one of my properties with an agent to manage it, the tenant has just moved in been there now 10 days both the agent and the tenant are becoming a nightmare, the tenancy agreement is for 1 year whats the earliest i can issue an eviction notice i want both off my back soon as i can. Thanks for any advice
  15. kanrent

    Tax expence council tax

    Let by me The property was let before it became vacant had new kitchen fitted new ceilings completely redecorated and new floorboards