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  1. Property is managed by Letting Agents. Tenant found and references checked. Tenant has given notice to existing Agency. His references all excellent and he has given notice to present landlord. However his existing Letting Agents have not given their reference yet in spite of my LA chasing this up. He is due to move in in a weeks time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thank you all. My gut feeling is that she is bluffing too but letting agents seem to think she might have a go. Letting agents instigated the issue of section 21 as tenant had had a number of people staying at the house, all of whom foreigners and she asked yet again for another person to be included on her Tenancy agreement. I have been told by the agents that they will not advertise the property for a month or so as they seem to think that that will be the point where she will instigate her reimbursement of costs. As the property needs redecoration I am happy to do so but it will have to go on the market once this is done. The deposit has been returned to her and I only received her final months rental so she is not owed any monies. Thank you again for replying.
  3. My letting agents issued correctly a section 21 to one of my tenants. The tenant was given two months notice. She found a property within a month which is ok by me but she is now wanting reimbursement of her removal costs and fees incurred by her new letting agent if I rent the property out again. I understood that no reason had to be given when issuing a section 21. I have posted about this particular tenant before requesting me to name persons which she referred to as au pairs before and Mortitia was correct in her assumption that these were not au pairs ! She told the letting agents that she has taken legal advice on recouping her removal costs. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I feel I have a moral obligation for the safety of the child but I am loathe to call social services as it is the neighbours words against my tenant. The neighbour approached me and I did not make any promises and did not divulge the name of the managing agents. Thanks for your reply.
  5. I took your advice and did not get involved. My tenant has a little girl and I am now told that the little girls bedroom window which opens quite wide is often left open and the girl has been seen sitting on the window sill and could possibly fall/climb out which is a big worry. I informed the agents two weeks ago of this and they are arranging with a contractor to fit restrictors on all the upstairs opening but not sure how the tenant is going to react to this being done as she is highly strung and have not heard from the agents. It does take the agent a long time to do things ... I requested copy of invoices to do my tax return five weeks ago and I have still not received them. The priority is the little girls bedroom .... any help would be greatly appreciated. Btw the disputes between my tenant and her neighbour are still on going.
  6. Thank you for your help. I will not get involved with the noise problem and will ask to see warranty for the cavity wall installation.
  7. i have a tenant who has lived with her toddler at my property for nearly ten months. She is a good tenant paying her rent on time and looking after the property which is managed by a letting agent. However unbeknown to me she has for some time had issues with her neighbours next door to the point where she has informed both the police (apparently) and the local authority. I was only made aware of this only recently when the letting agency sent me copies of log sheet the local authority had sent her to complete on 17th November 2015 together with a request that she a avails herself of free cavity wall insulation which she claims would help to cut down the noise. I have since asked the agent to let me know the outcome of her reporting matters to the police and local authority as her current contract ends on 15 March with no success. The company is under new management and emails are just ignored. Should I go ahead with her request for cavity wall insulation although how that will help with noise is beyond me. The issues with neighbours are also a worry. I have written on this blog before when she asked me to include her au pair on the lease. He apparently has gone ....
  8. I have a tenant who has lived at my property with her child for six months and has requested a new rental agreement. She has been a good tenant, paying her rent on time and the property has been looked after. The letting agency have advised that she currently has a male au pair staying at the property on a regular basis and would like his name to be added as being allowed to stay with her child. I have contacted my Insurers who rightly advise that they would not be able to include him under the policy as he is her employee and not mine. They also state that they have never had such a request. Letting agents do not have a problem with this but I am not too happy. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Thank you Grandpa and Richlist. The area is Crosby, Liverpool, merseyside.
  10. Thank you all for your replies. I will give them a last opportunity to get things right, but I will insist that the short fall in rental is put into my account by the end of this week. One final question - am I right in asking for copies of the AST, and references. I need to see these to make sure no mistakes were made and so I can make an informed decision when the six month term expires on 15 August. Is it normal practice for letting agents not to let you have copies of these documents ? I believe a section 21 was issued at inception. Your help would be appreciated.
  11. I have a property rented through a local letting agent on a full management contract agreed at a 10 per cent fee. The contract commenced on 15 February 2015. Terms of business confirmed this and a statement and remittance to be sent quarterly. On the 27 May I received a statement and noticed that the management fee had been based on 12.50 per cent. I contacted the agent who agreed the fee and said it would rectified straight away. This has not yet been done, and neither has the mid term inspection. The tenant also states that the repair requests, which are minor, are often ignored and she has to chase the agent. The tenant is paying her rent on time, and is trying to build her credit score as apparently this was nil at inception. Again I was not told this and I do not have copies of any references or even the AST which expires on 15 August. Telephone calls always produce a promise which they fail to keep. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I am new to this. Thanks.
  12. Update on this - Last night my daughter phoned the tenant to arrange an appointment. She was told that they were in the process of boxing up and leaving, said they had lost our phone numbers therefore could not inform us, strange as they both have mobiles and It seems the amount paid of £150 was a weeks rent. They are not sure how long it will take for them to leave but intend paying another weeks rent if the move takes longer. To be honest I am relieved that they are leaving as they do appear to have a problem telling the truth but I am afraid too as they have in the past threatened to take off the flooring they have put in the living room and take it with them and to substantiate this when they moved into our house brought a huge fire surround with them which they immediately installed in our tiny front room, of course taking the original surround without telling us. So I think they are quite capable of doing this. Now I intend to use a letting agency as the last few years have been v.trying. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thank you Morticia. This morning she has put in £150.00 into our bank account. No explanation so no idea what she is up.
  14. Thanks for your help Tracey. I think we will go the section 21 route,
  15. My tenants have not paid their rent which was due on 22 October. This is the first time in the 5 years they have missed a payment. They are in a periodic contract and I visited them four weeks ago to ascertain that the property was in order as they have in the past changed doors without our knowledge installed a pond with an electric pump in the garden and various other things. The house was in good order. We only visit the premises once a year and last year they were not happy at all when we requested to see the property not having seen it for over 3 years due to a family bereavement. We always telephone to arrange a suitable time. However this time it was quite amicable. During the visit the tenant told us that she was ill. We have also been told my workman sent to reroof the property that her husband is unemployed. My daughter and I now own the property following my husbands death. Trust as gone as a few lies have been told but I guess people have to do what they need to do but not at my expense. What are my options now, should I seek legal help and issue a section 8 through solicitors once they are two weeks late. Your help would be appreciated.
  16. Thank you so much Chestnut. Your help is much appreciated and I will use your ammunition to the max. Thanks again?
  17. I had new gutters put in on my rented property. When the roofer called to pick up his money he informed me that the tenants were constanly watching him as they had just had a pond put in which is powered by an electric pump. I was not aware that this had been done, although the tenants did ring me a couple of weeks ago to say that the electric sockets had stopped working and could they ask an electrician friend of theirs to see what was the problem. I said no and asked my own electrician to call. When my electrician arrived he was told the problem had been sorted. I obviously need to tackle them urgently and would appreciate any help as to the wording I should use.
  18. I had new gutters put in on my rented property. When the roofer called to pick up his money he informed me that the tenants were constanly watching him as they had just had a pond put in which is powered by an electric pump. I was not aware that this had been done, although the tenants did ring me a couple of weeks ago to say that the electric sockets had stopped working and could they ask an electrician friend of theirs to see what was the problem. I said no and asked my own electrician to call. When my electrician arrived he was told the problem had been sorted. I obviously need to tackle them urgently and would appreciate any help as to the wording I should use.
  19. Thank you Richlist and Mortitia. I am a newbie in this game and your help is much appreciated. The roofer has again explained the situation to the tenants, and hopefully the scaffolding will come down next week.
  20. I have just re roofed my rented property and the work was completed just before Christmas, however the scaffolding is yet to be dismantled although my roofer has instructed scaffolding company to dismantle it. I expect they have a backlog due to holidays. The tenant is not happy about this and expects me to resolve the matter. Is the scaffolding my responsibility - I have done all I can to get the roofer to resolve this and he too has done his best. Surely the scaffolding contract is between the scaffolding company and the roofer ? The tenant has the roofers number and was on site when the work was being carried out and the scaffolding situation was explained to him by the roofer. What is my legal position here ?
  21. How often are electricity safety checks now required.
  22. Thanks for all your replies. I cannot issue a section 21 as they have an AST contract which expires in October 2014. I don't hold a deposit. I can't believe I have been so stupid.
  23. I have tenants who tend to do things without telling me, for instance original doors were replaced by cheap tacky modern ones and when the tenants were asked what happened to the original doors the reply was " we binned them". They are very resourceful and I am sure the tenants sold the original doors. However the point of this blog is to ask for advice please. Last week whilst my roofer was working on the property the tenants rang stating that the upstairs SOCKETS had stopped working. I replied saying that I would call our electrician. This was followed by the tenant asking whether he could use a friend instead, I said he could as long as I was informed of the nature of the problem, the work that was needed and the likely cost prior to work commencing and stated that unless I heard back from him my electrician would attend. My electrician rang the following day to confirm time of his visit at the property and was told the problem had been resolved by using a hair dryer on the LIGHT FITTING. Different circuits springs to mind. The roofer finished his work at the property, and called to pick up his money. During his visit he asked me why there were aerials in each of the three bedrooms and two sky dishes. It would appear it made his work on the roof a little bit difficult. My gut feeling is that they did not want my electrician to actually see what caused the problem - hence their wanting to use their fried. When a request by me to visit the property was made two months ago, first of all they threw a wobbler saying that they were always making improvements to my property and when I insisted they said they were away for a couple of days but I could go the following week. How should I resolve this please.
  24. I need to take possession of my property. The tenants have an assured short term contract which will expire in three months time. However they are wanting to remain in the property and have indicated that should they have to leave they will require me to pay for improvements they have made to the property, such as putting laminate flooring and taking off my original carpets and putting a fireplace, which in incidentally seems to have come from their previous rented home. They have said that should I not pay for these so called improvements they will just take everything that has been out in by them. They have been in my property for 4 years. I do not have a bond, as the local council put up a six month bond which has now obviously expired. I feel that unless I pay they will cause some serious damage to my property. Any help would be appreciated as I am at my wits end now.
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