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  1. I read this on another forum and wondered if it does happen? London flatsharers hold an informal interview with potential new tenants, to assess their political/social views. It happened to me a couple of times in the 90s and I imagine still goes on now, in fact is probably more prevalent post-Brexit. A quick look at some ads on Gumtree reveals a ‘gay flatshare’, ‘artistic and open-minded flatshare’ , ‘all female flatshare’ ‘room in Muslim family house for non-drinking individual’ all of which I suspect are codewords, and in one case there is an ad for a ‘Single room for Muslim’ which I would have thought is illegal. FLAT FOR RENT .. No Dogs .. No Tories .. No Brexiteers .. No Friends of Israel .. No Trump Supporters
  2. I'm confused, I thought the Left were against 'buy to let' landlords? http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/how-tony-blairs-family-built-11231374#ICID=FB-MEN-main
  3. Article in Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/buy-to-let/11272485/Four-letting-agent-tricks-that-can-shrink-buy-to-let-returns.html
  4. My wife and I bought a house to rent last November using cash we had from a pension and inheritance, so did not need a mortgage, I have now almost finished the DIY renovation and am thinking of looking for another house to renovate. But we have no cash to buy one and both in our 50s and not in highly paid jobs probably won't get a buy to let mortgage, would it be wise to re-mortgage our own home that we live in to raise cash? I find the idea worrying as we could lose our home, (worst case scenario), but can't think of a quick way to raise the money required?
  5. Sorry Bungle just seen your post, I do visit the forum mainly to read other comments, I decided to leave it as it is just now, had some advice from a plumber and he thought it wasn't worth the bother. My house is nearly finished now, getting carpets and laminate laid soon, my eldest son is going to rent from me now anyway as he has now got a good job, so that will take the worry of renting it off my shoulders for a while anyway.
  6. I have had three smoke alarms in my own house for over 20 years with no problems, last year the fire brigade came round and fitted three more of the Fire Angel type, they glued them to the ceiling with 'no more nails', they have been nothing but trouble, making weird sounds for no reason and the '10 year' batteries failing in months, I had to take them down and have been meaning to phone the fire brigade to sort it out.
  7. I agree with the above, but at the moment my son is living with us at home and paying me so much a month 'board and lodging' as most families do, and no one expects us to pay tax on that?
  8. Later this year when my rental property is ready there is a chance my own son will be renting it off me, (he is thinking about it), what is the position as regards tax if I was to do this, can I just say I was letting him live there, and take the rent in cash without declaring it?
  9. I bought my house (that I plan renting) last November and have been doing all the work myself, I have a big pile of B&Q receipts, how do the tax people know that the items purchased were for the house being rented?
  10. No the drawing is not clear, none of my plans would affect the stairs, thanks.
  11. Yes, a stud and plasterboard wall and door is what I was thinking, and I could do it myself, but I would have to break through a load bearing wall from the front bedroom, which would need Building regs approval.
  12. 1.Not really anywhere to put a toilet downstairs without extending the building, which would be too costly. 2.Don't know about this, it would be difficult to find out, I was thinking of asking a couple of local Letting Agents for their opinions.
  13. Update on this, the council issued me with a bill for the council tax from Nov18 to March, nearly £400, I emailed them saying there is no one living in the house as I am renovating it, I was not holding much hope. I got a phone call and was asked to meet a man at the house, he had a look round, agreed it was not habitable and gave me a year counil tax free to finish the work.
  14. I bought a house last November to renovate and rent out. All is going well so far, it is a two bed terraced house, but like a lot in this area the Bathroom which contains the only toilet is attached to the back bedroom, (see plan). Anyone sleeping in the front bedroom has to pass through the back bedroom to get to the bathroom. Does anyone have any advice what to do about this? Should I ( a ) leave it as it is, ( b ) put a passageway through the back bedroom,(which would make the room smaller), or ( c ) put an extra toilet and wash basin in the cupboard space in the front bedroom?
  15. Is it your fault they were storing things in the garage? Do they have a receipt from the hotel?
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