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  1. Thanks guys, I'll let her know, it's her first ever tenancy and we weren't sure as to the validity of the 1 month notice clause inserted by landlord. She only received the contract this month (which he backdated) to February - when she actually moved in.
  2. A friend has moved into a flat - through a friend of a friend and has signed a AST but the landlord has inserted that either can give one months notice. He's said he is going to sell property at auction. Where does this leave the tenant. The contract was signed in February - can existing landlord end the tenancy before the six months expires, can the new landlord increase the rent before expiry of existing contract? The tenant would prefer to remain in property for at least 12 months - but is unsure as to her rights. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. [ If HB is paid direct to landlord, what happens when there is a HB over payment - is it recovered from the landlord - what hope of recovering the backdated rent from the tenant - especially where large sums of money are involved. Isn't it safer to have HB paid to tenant and give notice in usual way if in default on rent payments?
  4. Thanks Simon, Think I'll use the custodial scheme and look at vetting agencies Cheers Molly
  5. I'd be interested in people's views regarding the vetting and guarantor scheme being offered by www.TenantAssure.com. Is it a good way to avoid the need for a bond?
  6. Hi Pugsy, thanks for your speedy reply - we will have a go at the software and buy the literature - thank you. We are thinking of putting in an offer on a 4 bed property but letting on a room by room basis - yes it will have to be fully furnished and is more intensive to manage but the returns are much better. We were thinking that collecting weekly rent would 1) allow us to keep an eye on the property and 2) allow us, in the nightmare senario, of removing an undesirable tenant quicker than letting on a group 6 month assured tenancy - would appreciate your views and any pointers as too any 'idots guide' to relevant legistaltion. Regards, Molly
  7. From my experience of working for an LA (10 years ago) with any dispute evidence is king. Pull bank statements indicating they were liable for and paying the rent for disputed period, gather any paperwork relating to their liability for utility bills. Provide evidence of when you moved out of your previous address and into the property subject to the council tax dispute. Obtain a copy of their Appeals Procedure. Can you check the electoral register to ascertain the date they stipulated they moved into their subsequent property - if the dispute progresses, ascertain how much it would cost to employ a 'tracing agency' which can supply this information, including credit agreements taken out at new property. Good luck, Molly
  8. Hi, we are about to complete on our first BTL property and would like advice as to the best handbook/source of information explaining the tax system regarding the self assessment forms - what is tax deductable and what receipts/information do we need to supply - we've never completed one! Regards Molly
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