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  1. To be honest Suzie its pathetic how you seem to think your tenant will happen to look at your post and know its you, when there's millions of landlords in the UK, many of which could be going through the same situation as you. If your that paranoid change your name.
  2. whats wrong with a tenant viewing your posts?
  3. I agree New builds are usually more expensive but it may be worth it? depends on the area, price paid for and potential rental income.
  4. To make it easier for you, you can consider an agent to just find a tenant and do the general checks and use their AST. (let only) Get landlord insurance (most agents offer this through an extra cost via Homelet when completing credit checks) Secure the deposit in a DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) Ensure you have an EPC Make sure the property is fitted with smoke alarms. Annual check by a trusted tradesman - Safety of gas and electrical appliances. Fire safety of furnishings the 'do it your self' option will cost you time and the agent option will cost you money! Hope the points help - not much but do some research via the internet.
  5. Cheers Chestnut. Great to hear Cheshire-Rose. The estate agent I'm working for seem quite similar - we go with our 'gut instinct' and no time-wasters. We credit check all our tenants, take as many reference as we can(e.g. work, previous landlords) 3 months bank statements and payslips! all to ensure we know the tenant(s) are able to afford their rent and for their keeping. I am confident we are a good agent but as there are so many other agents around and so much competition, it's great to gain some ideas to what may help us attract more landlords. We are a small independent agency and sometimes landlords choose a more well known agency due to them being 'nationwide' possibly. What do you look out for?
  6. Thanks Chestnut - How minimal do you expect cost's to be? What agency fee would attract you?
  7. I am a trainee lettings negotiator and I would like to hear from landlords what they really want from an agent... What are your needs and expectations from a letting agent? What can a letting agent do to stand out from others, in your opinion? Would an incentive attract you? Please advise
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