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  1. I'm only a part-time landlord so I'm asking this on behalf of a work colleague at my 'day job'. He has a number of items that haven't been fixed around the house that he rents (like cracks in the walls etc), despite multiple promises that they would be fixed. I advised him to get the managing agents (Martins) round to show them the problems, and if they weren't done to threaten to withhold rent. Apparently Martins have been round and told him 'put up with the issues and keep paying the rent or move out.' (Isn't it lovely how they put us landlords in such a good light.... ) Martins say that they are going to try get the landlady to sort the issues out but he's been down this road before and doesn't think anything will be done. When he mentioned withholding the rent until the work had been done Martins said that they would be evicted (again, a nice, caring supportive touch there by Martins...). What options does my colleague have here? I don't want to mis-advise him.... Thanks Mark
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  3. How much notice do I give on the S21? Does the fact that they haven't got a current AST make any difference? Can I give them a 'rolling notice'? eg We're selling the house and once contracts are signed you have X weeks notice?'
  4. Hi I have had a tenant in my property for around 6 years. I now want to sell the property so need to evict them. The issue is that the last AST that they signed expired a while ago. They are also a month behind on the rent, although I do have their deposit in the DPS. How do I end the tenancy and evict them? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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