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  1. I'm only a part-time landlord so I'm asking this on behalf of a work colleague at my 'day job'. He has a number of items that haven't been fixed around the house that he rents (like cracks in the walls etc), despite multiple promises that they would be fixed. I advised him to get the managing agents (Martins) round to show them the problems, and if they weren't done to threaten to withhold rent. Apparently Martins have been round and told him 'put up with the issues and keep paying the rent or move out.' (Isn't it lovely how they put us landlords in such a good light.... ) Martins say that they are going to try get the landlady to sort the issues out but he's been down this road before and doesn't think anything will be done. When he mentioned withholding the rent until the work had been done Martins said that they would be evicted (again, a nice, caring supportive touch there by Martins...). What options does my colleague have here? I don't want to mis-advise him.... Thanks Mark
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  3. How much notice do I give on the S21? Does the fact that they haven't got a current AST make any difference? Can I give them a 'rolling notice'? eg We're selling the house and once contracts are signed you have X weeks notice?'
  4. Hi I have had a tenant in my property for around 6 years. I now want to sell the property so need to evict them. The issue is that the last AST that they signed expired a while ago. They are also a month behind on the rent, although I do have their deposit in the DPS. How do I end the tenancy and evict them? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  5. Previously I have used a letting agents to find tenants (and then subsequently do the referencing) Have found a tenant myself this time but now need to reference them. Any recommendations ?
  6. thank you all for your input. Can I re-ask; Can you legally keep a deposit in lieu of notice period?
  7. MarkJ

    Section 21s

    can i clarify the above; Date of the document - can this be before the tenancy begins ? Date the document is signed - must be whilst the tenancy is in place (ie from day one of the tenancy onwards) Could a tenant sign it the day they sign up for the tenancy but date their signature for the day the tenancy starts? Date that the section 21 kicks in - day after the tenancy finishes? Or day the tenancy finishes?
  8. so are you saying that really there is no way to get any commitment out of any tenant? What you are all saying is, they can sign however long they want but if they up sticks and leave whenver they want then it's just 'hard luck'? Can you legally keep a deposit in lieu of notice period?
  9. I am in the process of signing up a tenant family in an up-market property on a 24 month contract. As this is an expensive house I need some commitment from the tenant so that I wont be stuck with looking for a new tenant again in 6 months time. Tenant is happy to sign for 24 months and we have negotiated a 4 month notice period. Now however well-written a contract is we all know that, being realistic if the tenant walks we are all usually better off leaving it be and putting our efforts into getting a new tenant rather than chasing the old one. So in effect have I simply got a rolling 4 month contract here? On analysis it looks very lopsided; tenant can stay for up to 24 months even if I want him out but he can leave with 4 months notice? On a secondary issue; in an effort to allay my concern over commitment, he has said he'll give me 3 months rent as a deposit. As i'll have to put this is DPS, does this give me any recourse if he leaves either a) having given 4 months notice but short of the full 24 months or not giving notice and simply leaving? Can I use the deposit in either of these situations as compensation to me to cover missing months? Thanks in advance for any advice given. markJ
  10. I have just re-signed two sets of tenants on two of my properties for 12months each. Based on advice I have also got them all (individually) to sign Section 21s with the date on of the date the new tenancies expire. Question; if at the end of the 12 months they renew their tenancies do I need to get them to sign a new Section 21? Or does the Section 21 stand 'for ever' ?
  11. Having just checked, it is indeed 'fixed term' not periodic. Can I just get them to sign a one page document saying 'we continie as before but now for 12 months or is it a brand new tenancy doc?
  12. JObie Great to hear that a bit of goodwill (from both sides) has meant you have found a solution. Faith in human kind seems to have been dropped by too many in this world.
  13. My first AST is coming up for renewal after a year long tenancy. The tenants have told me they wish to stay on. However, when we originally agreed the tenancy they negotiated my rent down. I'd now like to take the opportunity when they renew to put the rent back up (I'm only talking about £20 p/m). Is there a set 'notice period' that I have to give for this to tell them I'm putting it up when they renew?
  14. I'm only a 'part-time' landlord (4 properties) and have a 'proper' job and so, and I know it sounds shocking I have forgotten to renew a tenants tenancy However I'm only a couple of weeks late. How do I go about getting a new AST signed? The original AST as signed up by a letting agent (they havent contacted me about this at all) I basically want to write to the tenant and say; "do you want to stay on? If so here's a new contract. Sign up and we carry on as normal". My question is a) what if they just ignore it, but continue to pay rent ? b ) what if they ignore it and stop paying rent?
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    Hi Just about to move a tenant into our latest property. This one, we have let direct, rather than through a LA. All the previous properties the LA has done the inventory. This time I'll be doing it myself. Obvioulsy I want to be sure that I cover anything so any tips please. Would anyone have a checklist type thing I can use? Mark
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