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  1. Hi I have had a letting agent looking after my property for 1 year. In that time i have recieved 3 months of rents. Early on in the tenacny non payment of rent was down the the tenant. to overcome this problem the LA told me that he had managed to get the housing benefit due to the tenant paid direct to him and that he would redirect payment to my bank account However this is not the case and months of rent are still outstanding. I have called, text emailed and written to him. His responses vary from one excuse to another. Therefore I have decided that it now time to take back control of property It was the LA that originally found the tenant Firstly im a correct in saying that the contract is between myself and the tenant ? and that if i do not wish to have her as a tenant it is me, not the LA, that must go through the correct procedure for giving notice to quit ? I intend to visit the LA again this week to find out his terms and conditions about taking back the property Is there anything i should be aware of ? many thanks m
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