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  1. Thanks guys I had thought of suggesting a guarantor myself. Something just doesn't add up here, if she's right she can pay the bills herself then there is really no need to take him off as I would never need to come to him for the rent. It's time to have a chat and thankfully I think we are still getting along fine which helps!
  2. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice on this one... A family with 2 kids have been my tenants for a number of years without trouble. They have just signed a new 6 month agreement but one month into it they both tell me that they are splitting up and can I remove him from the agreement as he has already moved out. I'm only worried because that would leave her with two kids and the rent to pay and she's only got a part time job. I never credit checked her, we used his income instead but I'm pretty sure she won't be able to make ends meet. Both have reassured me that he will support her and that she can pay on her own if he doesn't, but he's admitted he wants to get his own place and taking him off the tenancy would relieve him of any obligations there. Should I take him off it, or can I say no on the grounds that he signed the tenancy in the first place? Thanks, Trevor.
  3. Just wanted to know peoples opinions on this one... During some VERY heavy rain, my tenants call to say garden is flooded and water is 1/2inch below the front door!! Anyway I went round and sure enough it was, but thankfully it subsided and all was well. However it got me thinking, this property is one I manage for friends of ours and isn't one of our own. Whereas I hold building insurance on my own property that would cover to re-home the tenants in the case of flood damage, where do I stand on properties that are not owned by me? The owner has buildings insurance that covers repairs to his property, but should that policy also cover to re-home the tenants, or should I have cover for this? Just wondering in case the next flood is 1/2 inch deeper!! Trevor.
  4. Yes it seems strange, it's no burden on the guarantor, so best left in place I think!
  5. Yes I fully agree, probably not the best tenant in the world, and might not grant her a tenancy anyway. However she's asked a couple of good questions which I don't know the answers too...
  6. I've got a prospective tenant who's not working as she's been made redundant... and she's pregnant. She get's plenty of benefits and has savings but getting her through a credit check could be interesting! She's asked a couple of questions about guarantors that I'm not really sure about. Can she have two guarantors (both parents I assume)? I've only ever done one before, not sure how it would work if there are two and I needed to approach them if she defaulted, they would be jointly and severally, responsible like tenants, I assume. Secondly she's hoping to get back to work soon after, so once she's earning again she's asking if I can remove the guarantors. I've never "removed" one before. I've got appropriate forms they sign to agree to be guarantor but what do I do to take them off. Would we need to start a new 6 month AST? I know she might not be accepted in the long run, but she's asked a couple of good questions I don't know the answer to, so if nothing else, it's a chance to further my knowledge! Trevor.
  7. Interesting answers, thanks guys! It sounds like I'm doing the right thing. I don't want to get myself too involved, but I do let my tenants know if I have got any complaints by letter and leave it at that. I don't get solicitors involved though! I have to say though, I think that the root cause of some of the complaints by my neighbours is not noise from my tenants, but jealousy that I own the property. Take the last complaint I received. My neighbour tells me in late November my tenant is very quiet no problems at all. Then 6 weeks later he asks if I'll sell my flat to him (for the umpteenth time!) I say no, and suddenly he's complaining I've got the tenant from hell making noise "every weekend". He stops paying me his maintenance charges and calls the police and the council making sure to give them my details as landlord! Council ask him to keep log and provide evidence and low-and-behold he withdraws the complaint... my conclusion, he's jealous I own the property and won't sell it to him (it would make a rather nice duplex apartment for him if I did though!) Trevor.
  8. Hi all, Just wanted to pick your brains on this one. I've tried searching for a definitive answer but to no avail... Can anyone tell me if I legally need to get involved if a neighbour complains to me about noise from my tenant? Is this just a neighbour dispute and they should sort it out themselves? I've had a few in the past where the neighbours have complained to me that my tenants are playing loud music etc. Most just sort themselves out. The last one did raise a complaint with the council and I've spoken to a very nice lady at the council who is handling the case but she did seem surprised I was even taking an interest! Of course most neighbours demand that I throw the tenants out on the street there and then So where do I stand as landlord (and owner of the property) should I get involved or not and to what extent? Thanks, Trevor. P.S. I don't use a letting agent, I manage them myself.
  9. Thanks guys... still the letters come, we're up to about £46k now and quite a few catalogue companies who are asking why they haven't been paid which will turn into debt collection letters soon. Mortitia, Strangely I think they did actually pay the CT. I did see a letter on their table several years ago about being over £1500 in debt, but when I called up to change it over they didn't even ask for a forwarding address. I know the guys at the council pretty well now and they usually let slip if they are keen to speak to them! I've never heard of a landlord being liable for CT, in what situation would I be liable?? Chestnut, thanks that's a great idea! I think I'll get some labels done just like you suggest! Don't know why I hadn't thought of this before! Regards, Trevor.
  10. Hi All, Just thought I'd ask for a bit of advice on this one... Had some tenants who've been with me for several years leave rather abruptly (not giving me a forwarding address). They didn't actually owe me anything, (rents always paid on time etc) but it was only after they had left and I've been renovating the property that I found out why they ran, basically the rent was the only thing they paid! The gas and elec had a court order to enter the property and cut them off, luckly I got this stopped. But then the debt collection letters started coming thick and fast. Anything up to 2-3 per day. We've got about 30 companies chasing them now and the total debt is around £40k. I've written to them all explaining that I don't know where they live but I know that these companies either just seem to take no notice or sell the debt onto another company who try again. I've got another property where this has been going on for over 10 years now, every 6 months or so a new debt collection co. writes looking for my old tenant. That I can handle, but when there's 30+ companies, the letters will never stop!! As I said they don't actually owe me anything but I'm just worried I'm never going to see the end of this and all future tenants will be bothered by the letters. Thankfully it's only letters at this stage, only one company has come calling round so far. I've tried contact my tenants to let them know but of course they won't respond (surprise spurprise!) Any ideas what else I can do? Is it true that properties can become black-listed since there has been so much bad debit in the past? Will future tenants have any problems getting credit? Also on a side issue, I know the company who did the reference for their new property, at that time I didn't know about this problem, but now I do, how on earth did they pass a credit check!! Many thanks, Trevor.
  11. Hi all, I've been looking into the solar PV options now that the government have fixed the tarriffs. I'm going to do it to my own house but I could also do it to some of my rental ones too to give me another source of income. Obviously the tenant would benefit from the free energy but I would get the feed in tarriffs. Well that's what the salesman has told me anyway but he's never actually done a rental house where the landlord gets the payment before! Just wondered if anyone's done this yet? How did it work out getting the feed in tarriff payments? Any problems? Also has anyone got any figures for how much the property value will increase by once it is done? Thanks, Trevor.
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