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  1. I suppose I should add that this has been going on a while now, I am paying the rent still each month including all new charges.
  2. Hi, I have the contract to hand, it's an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. The section 2.2 states theat the tenant will pay all charges in respect of etc etc but it was all crossed out by the landlord. We were written to 1 month before it all started but with no official paperwork, my main annoyance is that we are being charged council tax from the landlord without any proof of actual charges to him, we are also charged 12 months of the year and not 10 ( as council tax is usually only charged for 10 months )
  3. Great, Thanks Melboy, I shall dig out the contract and have a proper look.
  4. Hi Melboy, Many thanks for your reply. The property is a 1 bed cottage on private land that has no gas supply, the landlord pays for a liquid gas to be delivered that heats many properties each now with there own meter. I had a 6 month contract when I first moved in 5 years ago. I was given notice that the meters would be coming into effect, but the council tax part of the rent seems to be going up and up. Since the new systen has been in place it has added approx £70 per month. This has been in place about 18 months now, but I hear the council tax will be going up again. Can a landlord charge his own council tax rates ? He says that it is split between each property and worked out on a per bedroom basis.
  5. I guess no one cares!! oh well - just me then
  6. Hi All, I have rented a property for nearly 5 years - the rent included all gas electricity etc to start off with because there was no meters. The landlord has now placed meters to the property and lowered the rent, but started to charge for gas elec and Council Tax - this was an initial rent increase of about 15% - the Council Tax part of the rent went up again by another £12 per month and I believe he is going to be looking at another council tax raise again soon. What is the legality on my landlord charging me council tax, obviously it has to be paid, however its a huge increase in my 'rent'
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